Even Katie Holmes is a big fan of this shoe trend.

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This Katie Holmes Shoe Trend on Sale at Nordstrom
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If you can barely stand to look at your leopard coat anymore, you’re not alone. As we enter the tail-end of winter (at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves), it gets easier to remember the happy times when coats weren’t really necessary. And even if leopard coats are beloved, they’re getting a little boring to look at. Now zebra-print loafers? Not only do they not trigger our SAD but they’re also not nearly as overdone as fashion’s favorite animal print accessory.

Katie Holmes gave the shoe trend her stamp of approval when she wore a pair of zebra-print boots by Khaite. Holmes’s boots were tall and styled with a long, silver gown. They also cost $1,800. This is all par for the course for a fancy celebrity with fancy things to do. Thankfully, right now at Nordstrom you can shop the trend for hundreds of dollars less and, during their big winter sale, one particular pair of zebra shoes Nordstrom shoppers are obsessed with is under $60.

The loafers by Steve Madden have over 300 five-star reviews and at the time of writing, had 600 people “currently viewing” them. That second feature on Nordstrom gives us anxiety because that means the loafers could truly sell out at any minute. But it also proves that the zebra-print trend is really happening and that we should really listen to everything Katie Holmes says. Maybe we shouldn’t get so worked up about these things, but listen, a sale is a sale and under $60 is a big deal for trendy shoes.

Best of all, unlike with cashmere bras, zebra-print loafers are relatively easy to wear. You don’t have to be Katie Holmes to look good in them. You can easily just throw them on with a pair of black jeans and a t-shirt and maybe even your leopard-print coat. Because maybe the answer to animal print fatigue isn’t retiring one but wearing a bunch of them all together. And while we anxiously await Holmes's take on that outfit idea, we’ll be taking our own advice and buying the damn shoes.

Shop the Steve Madden loafers on sale at Nordstrom’s Winter Sale, below.

Steve Madden Feather-L Genuine Calf Hair Loafer Flat

Steve Madden Feather-L Genuine Calf Hair Loafer Flat
Credit: Courtesy

Shop now: $55 (Originally $92); nordstrom.com