Every shoe can be a house shoe now.
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Nordstrom Shoe Sale Roundup
Credit: CLAUDIO LAVENIA/Getty Images

I used to have indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. But now, all of my shoes are just shoes and I wear them indoors and outdoors. But mostly indoors. I’ve honestly become way more acquainted with my shoe closet — and by that I mean the space underneath my bed and dresser — recently. Because instead of just grabbing the same pair every morning, I’m reevaluating my entire collection. In doing so, I’ve also discovered a handful of shoe styles I am desperately missing. Nordstrom must have heard about my dilemma because they just put over 4,000 shoes on sale, and I basically want all of them.

So what if none of us are going anywhere any time soon? The walk from the bedroom to the living room can be way more fun in a pair of discounted Manolo Blahniks. If you’ve ever doubted Uggs, now is definitely the time to invest in a pair for your at-home office. Do you now consider pants a completely unnecessary essential? Well, if you wear your favorite oversized t-shirt with a thigh-high boot, you don’t really need them anyway. The indoor possibilities for a great pair of shoes that you scored on sale are endless. Plus, you can completely break them in before you step foot outdoors.

Shop the best shoe deals at Nordstrom’s latest sale, from Tory Burch’s famous flip-flop to a basic pair of Sam Edelman pumps, below.