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Usually when we drop $655 on a pair of shoes (or anything), we do everything in our power to make sure they are kept in tip-top shape. But Maison Margiela just debuted the 22 Replica Low Message sneakers, and the brand wants you to scribble all over them. Seriously, they even come with a branded marker pen to help you add a personal touch.

Of course, writing on sneakers isn't anything new, but these high-end kicks aren't your average tennis shoes. The designers constructed the fancy sneakers with a special blend of polyester, polyethylene, and elastane, which gives them the crinkled look and feel of a sheet of paper. And the Italian sneakers are lined with leather, which adds a luxurious finish.

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We can't even begin to imagine what we'd write on a $655 pair of sneakers. Adding your signature would be cool, but that's so predictable. Or what about bae's name? That definitely shows commitment, right? If you're ready to get your Banksy on, you can head over to Luisa Via Roma's website to shop the fun sneakers.