Flip-flops but make it fashion.

By Tara Gonzalez
Updated Mar 11, 2020 @ 4:00 pm
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Flip-flops are thongs for your feet. For that exact reason, they’re almost as feared as low-rise jeans, which more often than not, will expose your thong to the unassuming public. If you’re Jennifer Lopez though, your low-rise jeans will come with a thong attached. Flip-flops were a natural next step for her and she was just seen wearing a pair of HavianasHavianas while taking swimsuit selfies and avoiding the impending apocalypse in Miami.

Flip-flops have been around for literally forever. Their first existence is actually traced back to 4000 BC. But never could anyone, not even Jesus, have been able to predict their fashionable trajectory. In 2018, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, though, made it happen.

The twins, who as a reminder are still too cool for Instagram in 2020, were each photographed wearing a pair of flips in the Wall Street Journal two years ago while announcing the launch of menswear for their line The Row. A couple months later street style stars in Copenhagen were wearing flip flops with Ganni dresses during Fashion Week. Inevitably designers like Gianvito Rossi released a pair made of leather that retailed for nearly $600. Naturally, Tibi, Balenciaga, and Simon Miller all followed.

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And now Jennifer Lopez is wearing flip-flops in Miami. That may not sound too surprising considering Miami is basically one big beach and flip-flops are part of the beachgoer uniform. But Lopez didn’t just wear a pair of $26 Havaianas flip-flopsHavaianas flip-flops. She styled a pair of $26 Havaianas flip-flops with Chanel accessories worth thousands. Every other high/low fashion moment be damned. Exposed toes and double Cs are it.

If the recent rise of thong jeans upset you, this sartorial spin on flip-flops probably terrifies you. The controversial flip-flop has been known for ruining a look. If you love Notting Hill, Julia Roberts’s flip-flops from that iconic scene may have spoiled the whole thing for you. As evidenced by Lopez, flip-flops aren’t the enemy. Maybe our anti-flip-flop attitude is.

And while not all of us have the funds to accessorize our beach sandals like Lopez, we can at least honor her by wearing a pair of Havaianas flip-flops in our next swimsuit selfie video while also avoiding the apocalypse. Or maybe flip-flop fashion is part of the apocalypse? Either way, we’re stocking up.

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