Meghan Markle, Emily Ratajkowski, and More Celebs All Have These $134 Sneakers

These are the sneakers that even celebrities wear every day!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry smiling at each other
Photo: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

It seems like Meghan Markle practically lives in high heels. But the mother took a well-deserved break from her stilettos, trading them for sneakers over the weekend. Markle wore a pair of Veja sneakers while on a boat with Prince Harry during the Invictus Games.

And she's not the only star that depends on the go-to white sneaks for casual moments. Emily Ratajkowski, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Emma Watson are also on the growing list of Veja's famous fans.

It's rare to see so many A-listers gravitating to shoes that are less than $500. But it's easy to see why they're all so into this on-trend pair. They're made from a luxurious silk fabric that's sourced from the Brazilian company Bratac. And get this: Bratac's the same producer that supplies Hermès with silk, too. On top of that, Veja's products are totally eco-friendly, including the packaging, which is made from recycled cardboard. Affordable, stylish, and sustainable ... sounds like an all-around winner to me.

Scroll down to see how celebs wear their Veja sneakers.

Emily Ratajkowsk walking down the street in a floral dress and Veja White Esplar Low Sneakers
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Meghan Markle wearing Veja Perforated Sneakers
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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Chloe Moretz wearing a floral dress and Veja V-10 Sneakers

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Emma Watson wearing Veja Esplar in Red

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