Nicole Richie House of Harlow x Revolve
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"Throw them out the window, obviously." —Nicole Richie, on how to deal with uncomfortable shoes.

The style icon, designer of House of Harlow 1960, and one of our all-around favorite people is taking her talents to footwear, and the best part is that you can count on them being just as comfortable as they are stylish.

Back in June 2016, Richie made her REVOLVE debut with a HOH 1960 collaboration designed exclusively for the online retailer. Since then, the line has been one of the top five best selling brands on the site, so, naturally, it only made sense for her to give us shoes next. Thus, an 11-piece capsule collection was born in collaboration with another leading REVOLVE brand, RAYE The Label, and we got the chance to chat with the designer about the shoes, the design process, and how the whole thing came about. Read on for all the details.

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Although jewelry, eyewear, and clothing are the mainstays of her current and past collections, Richie isn't new to designing shoes. "House of Harlow has had shoes in the market before. We launched shoes in 2010, so this is my second time—8 years later." And to that, we say it's about time!

When it came to collaborating with the brand, it was an easy decision because she already loved their shoes. "I was using Raye in my [House of Harlow 1960] campaigns for the models, and from there took a few pairs home, ordered some, and I just organically became a fan of the brand," she told InStyle. "Really what I love so much about Raye is that every pair of shoes you put on is the most comfortable shoe you’ve ever worn in your life," she explained. "And comfort is so key to me—it’s what the House of Harlow girl cares about the most—just being free and comfortable."

From there on out, Richie took matters into her own hands and asked Raye herself if she could work with them on something. "I actually went to them and said, 'do you guys mind if I collaborate with you? I have past design experience in footwear and I have some really fun ideas.' I was like, 'do you guys mind if throw out some ideas and we’ll just do this thing and see where it lands?'"

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Although she loves all the shoes in her collection, she reallyloves the flats (because comfort). "I'm a big fan of flats," she gushed. "I never wear heels to a wedding! I always wear flats. I love wearing flats to dinner. And I just wanted to bring that freedom and that idea that you don’t necessarily have to wear heels. We have heels in the collection and they’re beautiful and so comfortable, but I just really wanted, even with the flats, to accentuate the way that a woman feels, you know, just really blow up her confidence, whether she’s wearing heels or not."

Ranging in price from $148-$188, a few styles are already available on, with more to be released in March, so keep an eye out!