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Hailey Baldwin Clear Heels - Lead
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Cinderella can keep the prince; All I've ever really wanted were those gorgeous glass slippers. Trendy clear heels are a good substitute for glass shoes (plastic is a lot safer) — but they can also turn into a sweaty, foggy disaster.

Sure, you could settle for the semi-transparent options — like the Tamara Mellon ones ($450; tamaramellon.com) worn by Meghan Markle. But if you want a completely see-through look, Hailey Baldwin found a clever styling solution that will eliminate that annoying sweaty-toe problem. Instead of going barefoot in her Tony Bianco plastic heels ($122; revolve.com), she paired them with skin-tone Wolford socks ($17; [tempo-ecommerce src="https://www.amazon.com/Wolford-402-05-Nude-Denier-Socks/dp/B01BYAWW96" rel="sponsored" target="_blank">New York Fashion Week. They give off the same "naked" effect, sans the cloudy sweat stains.

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They keep your feet dry and they're only $17? I'm going to go ahead and grab a few pairs from Amazon, right now.