They’re hundreds off at this secret sale.

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Golden Goose Sneaker Sale
Credit: Getty Images

We’re living in an age when things we didn’t expect to see on sale are suddenly marked down — and deeply. Retail is in a state of major flux, and inventory is being moved around urgently. Meanwhile, we’re happy to take advantage by shopping the sales with gusto.

Today, we unearthed a deal so good and so unexpected, we had to double-check: The designer sneakers worn by basically every celebrity are on super sale. Golden Goose sneakers, those iconic low-tops with star designs that have a pre-distressed finish, have been worn by everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Selena Gomez to Taylor Swift to Emma Roberts to… just about everyone.

Celebs tend to be among those who wear these immediately identifiable sneakers because of their traditionally high price point. Golden Gooses (Golden Geese?) typically start at $445 and can go north of $600 for limited-edition styles. So when we clocked dozens of styles marked down by hundreds of dollars, we knew we found something worth sharing.

A bunch of Golden Goose sneakers are available at a bargain at the hidden-sale site Gilt. The platform is members-only, but signing up is free (all you need is an email address). This rare designer sneaker sale only lasts two more days, so make your move while you still can and cop Witherspoon’s style for way, way less than she likely paid for them by shopping at