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Everlane’s New Under-$100 Sneakers Are Out-of-This-World Comfy
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Everlane made closet history when it introduced sneakers through its newly minted Tread line last year, and it’s safe to say the second addition to that collection is just as exciting. The Court Sneaker, which hit shelves this week, is a cozy minimalist’s dream with a dash of added zhuzh that keeps things interesting.

Visually, the sneaker’s magic is in a barely-there detail: a leather triangle on the side of the body, presented in an offset shade in most colorways. Like the iconic Stan Smith Adidas sneakers and their instantly identifiable green heel, Everlane knows all it takes to make a signature is a carefully placed patch.

Five of the model’s seven color options in particular excel at this visual branding since they feature a side patch in a deepened tone from the same color family as that of the shoe body. The remaining two styles, in all-white and all-black, still feature a patch, but the entire shoe upper is rendered in identically colored leather.

What’s more relevant to most shoppers, though, isn’t the look of the sneaker, but the feel. As with the brand’s entire product lineup, the shoe is made with high-quality materials sourced transparently. The Court Sneaker is crafted with 100 percent full-grain leather in the upper and a blend of natural and recycled rubber in the sole. The caliber of materials, paired with Everlane’s knack for fit, has resulted in a shoe that’s made for all-day wear and comfort.

Based on all of these factors, Everlane estimates that under traditional retail, the Court Sneaker would cost consumers $175, which is in line with comparable styles on the market today. But thanks to its direct-to-consumer model, Everlane is able to offer the shoe for just $98.

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Everlane Court Sneaker

Everlane Court Sneaker
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