I Bought Instagram's Viral White Boots, and Now I Wear Them With Everything

They mysteriously make every outfit look 10 times better.

FUTURE OF FASHION: I Bought Instagram’s Viral Boots, and I Do Not Regret It One Bit
Photo: Getty Images/Instagram/@samanthasutton

A nostalgic, Skip-It-type contraption, fancy vintage robes, letters and patches meant to customize old clothes: these are just some of the items I bought — and then failed to actually use — over the course of 2020. Yet, while a portion of my bank statement reads somewhat like a long list of regrets, I have made one recent purchase that has proven to be well worth it.

After spotting Dr. Martens' white 2976 Platform Chelsea Boots (Shop It: $180; nordstrom.com) in about 100 different Instagram photos, I finally caved and added a pair to my closet. I'm not exaggerating when I say that, these days, I rarely wear any other shoe.

I had already theorized these chunky lug-soles would be versatile, thanks to all the influencer outfits I'd seen them styled with, but I was still surprised to learn they mysteriously look great with everything I own. The overall ruggedness helps to tone down pleated skirts and ruffled dresses, giving them a more casual vibe, while at the same time, they punch up sweats and basic jeans, making them seem fashion-forward. The black and white combo also pops against fall and winter's dark colors, and since these Docs are platforms, they provide me with a welcome height boost.

I will say that the one downside to these Chelsea boots is that they are heavy — much heavier than a pair of pool slides or Vans, two picks that have been my go-tos when stepping out of the house. However, they're easy enough to slip on in a pinch (or to walk the dog), and when it comes to inclement weather, I'm confident they'll protect me against the elements.

Of course, I could talk about these babies all day, but if you really want a reason to buy 2976 Platform Chelsea Boots, just take a look at the many ways to wear them, courtesy of Instagram.

An All-Black Outfit

I personally love the contrast that comes with wearing these Dr. Martens with all-black outfits. Easy and cute!

A Sweatsuit

It's possible you already own a few. Add these boots plus a blazer and now you have a full, fun look.

A Pair of Leggings

The combination of a form-fitting leg with a chunky boot really makes a statement.

Any Kind of Denim

Just like your favorite pair of white sneakers, these boots can be your fall and winter go-tos.

Leather Pants

You no longer have to stress about which shoes go best with these bottoms. Problem solved!

Floral Dresses

Dressy meets cool and casual.

A Plaid Skirt

A rugged yet preppy mix.

Fall Staples

Leather, knits, denim — Dr. Martens look good with every seasonal must-have.

Oversized Shirts

With the added height — and therefore, elongated legs — from the platform, you won't have to worry about being overpowered by a baggy top or dress.

Maxi Skirts

A way to keep your holiday outfits from feeling too fancy or over-the-top.

A Jumpsuit

Everything in this outfit is easy to slip into when you're on the go.

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