They’re so comfy, even the fashion crowd can’t resist.

By Laura Reilly
Nov 06, 2019 @ 1:45 pm
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First we had dad sneakers, then the Croc resurgence. Now, it’s quite possible we’ve reached peak comfort level, with a pair of nurses’ go-to shoes for long standing-shifts finding itself at the center of our footwear obsessions.

Dansko clogs were once reserved almost exclusively for those in the medical field and other professionals required to be on their feet all day, like teachers, social workers, and bartenders. For them, the taxing physical demands of standing for hours at a time means super supportive, comfortable shoes are a requirement.

Dansko’s roomy toe box, anatomically contoured poly-urethane midsole, and anti-fatigue rocker bottom have made the brand the obvious choice for many — and its high-quality construction means its shoes can last for years.

The ubiquity of the Dansko clog in the nursing world has become a bit of a trope, and Twitter has plenty to say about it.

Lately, though, the orthopedic shoes have been undergoing the ugly-cool (but actually just cool-cool) treatment. Savvy shoppers have ID'd Dansko as an affordable alternative to pricier on-trend clog brands like No. 6 and Swedish Hasbeens, which can run into the $400 range. Dansko’s more casual styles are near-identical dupes but cost a fraction of the price, and women everywhere are taking notice.

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