A tale of an unlikely love for the world’s most picked-on shoe.

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It took just two weeks in quarantine for it to happen: I, a semi-fashionable, up-on-the-trends grown woman, bought my first pair of Crocs. For so long, I looked at these shoes and thought there would be absolutely no time in my life that I would feel the need to wear them, especially in public. And then, a global pandemic hit and quarantined everyone into their homes for weeks on end. At home, I craved comfort, brightness, and support. I didn’t know it — but I craved Crocs.

It’s with a new outlook on life that I bring to you my personal tale of how this Croc-hater turned into a Croc-lover (apparently Priyanka Chopra is one). It started out when the brand announced it would be donating up to 10,000 pairs of its shoes to hospital workers every day during this pandemic. I was touched by this gesture and decided to do some social media sleuthing. I hit a downward internet spiral fast, and spent hours down a rabbithole of Croc-lover message forums (mostly just Facebook posts from my nursing friends that revolved around the best shoes to wear while at work). I read about how those in healthcare love the shoes for their dependable quality, constant comfort, and cushioned support. A lone tear rolled down my eye as I realized these characteristics were the things I needed in a shoe (and in a man… the internet does say now’s the best time for online dating).

I went online late that night and, in a few clicks, ordered my first pair of Crocs. They were gaudy, bright orange, and unlike anything I’ve ever purchased. In a word, they were perfect. It’s been a tumultuous time social distancing, and let me tell you, waiting for my Crocs to arrive made me feel like a giddy child on Christmas Eve. Except in this scenario, Santa was my UPS delivery person, and a 24-year-old woman was the sleepless, excited child. Opening my Crocs was an out-of-body experience. I floated to my living room ceiling as I watched my new-and-improved self try on the shoes for the first time. Looking down on me, I felt proud, rejuvenated, and at ease. I can’t confirm this, but I’m pretty sure in that moment Post Malone felt an immense joy in knowing that someone out there loves Crocs as much as him. I hope one day we can reminisce on our journeys together.

Some adults still carry with them their childhood comfort blankets or comfort animals. My comfort blanket is now my Crocs. Walking around in them while home makes me laugh and makes my roommates (I’m quarantining with my mom and step-dad) smile. They bring a lightheartedness to my drab daily routines that I never thought possible.

I wear them when I’m grilling steaks, when I’m working in the home office, and when I’m reading on the couch. When I go for socially distanced walks, I plop those bad boys on and get ready to see some smiling drivers pass by. Crocs are seen as a punchline sometimes, and now more than ever I’m more than happy to be a part of that joke — especially when it makes me smile.

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