Even Pete Davidson is a fan.

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5,000 People Have Been Waiting to Buy These Comfy Sneakers, and They’re Finally Back in Stock
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After closely following the ascent of so many “It” sneakers over the years, we know the telltale signs that a shoe is about to be every-damn-where. Sometimes it’s a top-down approach, like a celeb cosign or a series of high-profile sightings; other times, it’s the popular vote that propels the trend, the sheer number of everyday fans causing it to bubble over the edge. And at still other times, it’s both.

Brazilian footwear brand Cariuma is the latest subject of both A-list and no-list adoration. Hollywood’s influential men in particular have been gravitating toward the company’s stylish, impossibly comfortable sneakers for some time now. Resident hotties Pete Davidson and Jon Hamm have both been sighted in the soon-to-be iconic athletic shoes looking quite hot, as it were.

But it’s not just famously good-looking guys who’ve adopted Cariuma as their go-to sneaker brand. Thousands of men and women are literally lining up to shop it, and one style in particular has people losing their minds.

When Cariuma’s Ibi sneaker launched, it only took two weeks for it to sell out completely. Since then, the Ibi has amassed a waitlist totalling more than 5,000 people eager to shop the thoughtful and innovative model.

It took 12 months and 10 design constructions for the brand to finalize its Ibi sneaker. Made of low-impact bamboo, recycled plastic, and sugarcane-derived rubber for the sole, the Ibi is as comfortable as it is sustainable. Not only are the material choices environmentally sound, but they also make the shoes extremely wearable thanks to their naturally breathable, flexible, long-lasting, and antibacterial properties. To our delight, they’re machine-washable, too.

Today, after a tense waiting period, the Ibi is finally back in stock. The direct-to-consumer sneaker retails for $98 and is available in nine color options. Take heed: Given the sneaker’s track record of selling out, we anticipate a big rush to buy up this restock.

Shop the Ibi sneaker at Cariuma.com before it’s gone again.

5,000 People Have Been Waiting to Buy These Comfy Sneakers, and They’re Finally Back in Stock
Credit: Courtesy

Shop now: $98; cariuma.com