Zoë Kravitz and Chloë Sevigny wore the trend this week.

By Tara Gonzalez
Jul 01, 2020 @ 5:18 pm
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Amazon Mary Jane Trend
Credit: Instagram/@zoeisabellakravitz

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Zoë Kravitz since she’s returned to New York. Mostly because she had the audacity to wear a really, really, really good pair of Mary Jane flats. I hate when that happens because when someone so perfect wears something so perfect it’s usually incredibly expensive. And that is definitely not so perfect for me. 

Kravitz’s entire look after returning from her lockdown in London was part Lisa Bonet, part Kravitz’s character from High Fidelity. She wore a bucket hat with black denim shorts, but the real important part of her look was definitely the babydoll shoes worn with white ankle socks.

At first I thought they were by Repetto, the French ballet shoe company that has been famously making ballet slippers and Mary Jane flats for 70 years. But after zooming into the paparazzi photo like a psychopath, I saw that Kravitz’s pair had a buckle that looked slightly different. No one on the internet had identified them at the time, so I went hours in agony waiting for someone to call them by their name. 

Eventually the internet did what it does best and identified Kravitz’s shoes as the Ava square toe leather flats by The Row. The black pair sold out everywhere but the white is available in limited sizes. Now that I know where they’re from, I can’t help but feel I need them. The only thing standing between me and my dream is that they’re $790. 

Of course, I currently don’t have $790 to spend on shoes that’ll make me feel like Zoë Kravitz (I blame Nordstrom’s surprise sales). I tried to forget about the shoes, but then Chloë Sevigny took her cool baby for a stroll wearing a cool outfit that featured strappy black flats and white socks. They weren’t babydoll shoes like Kravitz’s, but the Sevigny shoe-sock styling was enough to remind me of the Ava flats I couldn’t afford. I’m proud to say I didn’t crack but turned to Amazon instead. 

As it turns out, Amazon has a nearly identical pair of Mary Jane flats for just $22. Typically a price that good for shoes would make me skeptical, but the 626 nearly perfect reviews gave me faith to buy a pair. Plus, they come in 10 different colors. That isn’t to say I still don’t dream about Zoë Kravitz’s Ava flats every other day, but I’m positive these will hold me over until the next celebrity babydoll shoe spotting. 

Cinak Mary Jane Flats 

CINAK Flats Mary Jane Shoes Womens
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