So, Are We Not Wearing Shirts With Blazers Anymore?

According to Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively and Rihanna the answer is yes.

Jennifer Aniston wearing a red blazer with no shirt and gold necklaces
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Power dressing can be defined as a style of dressing that allows women to establish their authority in a workplace where they are outnumbered by men. If there's a photo next to the phrase in the dictionary, it is undoubtedly of a woman wearing a tailored suit. Do powerful women really have to look like men? The answer appears to be Kristen Stewart in a completely open blazer, wearing nothing underneath. In case you needed further clarification, that means the answer is a resounding designer Viktor & Rolf "No."

Kristen Stewart wearing a red blazer with no shirt paired with matching red pants
Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Shirtless Blazers Are the New Power Suit

Powerful women everywhere have been expressing their femininity unabashedly by choosing to wear nothing — not even a bra — underneath their blazers as of late. Although the styling has been everywhere recently, it's actually been around for a couple of years.

Jennifer Aniston wore a blazer with nothing underneath back in 2015. Kristen Stewart almost never wears a shirt with her Chanel tweed jackets. Miley Cyrus defied gravity and gave us intense anxiety by performing in a very open blazer on Saturday Night Live. Kerry Washington and Phoebe Waller-Bridge redefined the boob suit on the Golden Globes Red Carpet. Beyonce made us want to visit the Mona Lisa shirtless in the video for Apes**it. Bella Hadid somehow did a twirl at the end of the Alexandre Vauthier PFW runway show earlier this week with no wardrobe malfunctions. The devil works hard but boob tape works harder.

Rihanna wearing a cream blazer with no shirt underneath paired with a cream silk skirt and heels
Jackson Lee/Getty Images
Blake Lively wearing a velvet maroon blazer with no shirt underneath, paired with blue pants
Josiah Kamau/Getty Images

From Runway to the Street

The shirtless blazer look has been on the runway for the past couple of seasons at Chanel, Deveaux, Dior, and Chloé, but it's finally catching on outside of high fashion too. Will you be seeing women in your workplace running around in a look that's been called The Boob Suit? Probably not. But is it exciting to see women outside the office put their shamelessly sexy spin on the stuffy uniform worn most frequently by Wall Street bros? Absolutely.

Going shirtless with a blazer feels right in a time where fashion is more gender-fluid than ever. It's the perfect midpoint between feminine and masculine and, hey, if Harry Styles wanted to throw on a blazer whilst shirtless and in pearls, I'd be here for it too.

Zendaya wearing a white blazer with no shirt underneath paired with matching white pants
Noam Galai/Getty Images
Kim Kardashian wearing a dark blazer with no shirt paired with matching dark pants
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

If I had to guess, this look will be everywhere come the Oscars; on the Red Carpet and off. Unlike most celebrity-approved trends, it actually encourages buying less, considering you don't need a bra or a shirt. It also redefines the classic 9-to-5 outfit conundrum. You can wear a blazer with a shirt — if you must — underneath at your job, but when happy hour comes around you can easily remove it in the bathroom and be good to go.

The shirtless blazer: It's like a pair of stilettos and loafers all in one. When I wore mine my boyfriend said I looked better in a blazer than he did. Now that's power.

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