Selena Gomez’s Best Outfits All Have One Thing in Common

If you didn't notice this, you're a bad liar.

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Photo: Alex Huckle

We've learned a ton of style lessons from Selena Gomez over the years, from how to rock a high-waisted bikini to what to pack for your summer vacation. But looking back at some of the star's best outfits, we started to notice something: she really loves the color red. She's been wearing it for years — since her Disney days! — and, looking at her most recent photos, it's still a color that's dominating her closet.

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It makes sense why Gomez would love the statement-making shade. Red can be fun, flattering, and always stands out in a crowd. Plus, through her best looks, she's proven it's just as versatile as a neutral.

Selena Has Been Wearing Red For Years

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
George Pimentel

Case in point: this fiery red Dolce & Gabbana dress that she wore to an Oscars after-party in 2011.

And She Still Enjoys This Color Choice Today

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Kevin Mazur/AMA2016

In 2016, she chose another red gown — this time Prada — for the American Music Awards.

Sometimes, She'll Opt For Red Accessories

Selena Gomez Red Outfits

Or even help create them, like the vibrant, structured bag from her Coach collaboration.

Other Times, She'll Wear a Red Print

Selena Gomez Red Outfits

During her dreamy and fashion-forward trip to Italy in 2019, Gomez shared a photo wearing a red-inclusive, polka-dot and floral Rixo dress.

We've Seen the Star in Full Red Outfits

Selena Gomez Red Outfits

She's been known to show up to the airport in a red sweatsuit.

She Definitely Loves a Red Gown

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Robert Kamau

Even during the daytime!

She's a Fan of a Red Jumpsuit

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Frazer Harrison

She stepped out in a cut-out Mugler option at 2016's iHeartRadio Music Awards.

She's Gone With Red On Stage...

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
C Flanigan

With sequins, no less.

As Well as Behind-the-Scenes

Selena Gomez Red Outfits

As she showed us here, red tees can easily replace your go-to white version and add some oomph.

There Have Been LRDs

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

We still think about this little red Dior number from 2014.

And Red Checkered Pants

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Jackson Lee

Just as versatile as a pair of jeans and pairs well with a leather jacket.

This Color Works For Every Season

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Jim Spellman

A red scarf will always spice up a dark winter look.

It's a Statement-Making Option For Jackets

Selena Gomez Red Outfits

Throw a red layer on top of a simple outfit to make things really pop.

It's Definitely a Power Color

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Raymond Hall

There's a reason why ladies like Amal Clooney love it, too.

But At the Same Time, It's Casual

Selena Gomez Red Outfits
Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle

We can totally understand why Gomez loves red so much! It really does work for every time of day, every mood, and every occasion.

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