Selena Gomez Is Subtly Twinning With Another Former Disney Star in Her New Music Video

This dress looks awfully familiar.

Selena Gomez
Photo: Youtube

Selena Gomez blessed us with not one but two songs this week, and while the new releases caused some drama, the general consensus was somewhere along the lines of "She's back!" However, watching the music video for "Look at Her Now," we noticed the return of something else, too: a silver mini-dress, which looked like one worn by another former Disney star.

Selena Gomez

Fans of Miley Cyrus might remember that she also showed off a silver dress in the music video for "Slide Away." While there are a few differences — Cyrus's, for instance, had chain straps — it should be noted that the two women are far from the only ones who have worn this design. Paris Hilton and Kendall Jenner both chose silver mini dresses for their 21st birthday celebrations, and Jennifer Lopez wore a top version of the look to the 1998 VMAs. Clearly, it's timeless and classic, and will no doubt pop up again at some point in the future.

Miley Cyrus Slide Away Music Video Dress

Even more of a coincidence is the fact that both Gomez and Cyrus's songs tackle the topic of moving on from past relationships — albeit, one is super sad and the other is a comeback anthem. Now, we're left wondering: is the silver mini-dress the new post-breakup look we should invest in ourselves? After seeing how good these ladies look, we're down to give it a try.

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