I've Wanted to Copy This 'Saved By the Bell' Beach Outfit For Years

Lisa's swimsuit cover-up idea is so freakin' cute.

Save By the Bell Lisa Turtle outfit beach
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Saved By the Bell is one of those early '90s shows where the outfits are just as beloved as the storylines. Kelly Kapowski's crop tops are still so clear in my mind, and it's hard to think of Zach Morris without remembering his affinity for striped shirts. Still, Lisa Turtle was clearly the most fashion-forward of this friend group. Every one of her outfits included some sort of bold accessory — extra-large earrings, a colorful hat, a scarf worn as a headband, etc. And, there's one particular look from Season 3's "Cut Day" that I haven't stopped thinking about for years.

I came across this episode a few short years ago, when my parents were watching reruns on a Saturday morning. Of course, Zach was technically the focus — he was trying to avoid suspension, and therefore had to sneak around to meet his friends who were cutting class — but once he escaped school and arrived at the beach, my eyes were on Lisa and her sweet bathing suit cover-up.

lisa beach outfit saved by the bell

This character was never subtle in her clothing choices, so naturally she was sitting in the sand wearing a long, sheer purple shirt that matched a purple, polka-dot one-piece underneath. The monochromatic look was paired with statement jewels — a necklace, large studs, and a bracelet — and while it probably wasn't the best for a day of swimming, I still felt the urge to copy it, ASAP.

Immediately, I found the episode online and took a screenshot, saving it to my phone as inspiration. It's the perfect replacement for the old, oversized T-shirt I would typically wear over my swimsuits, and definitely fits my love of whimsical, joyful style.

While I admittedly haven't found the right time to copy it — and am cautious of beach trips due to the pandemic — I still plan to give it a try, even if just on my parents' balcony. I already own the cutest printed swimsuit from Summersalt x Tanya Taylor ($125; tanyataylor.com) and when styled with an organza shirt from Simon Miller ($290; nordstrom.com) it's a modern 2020 take that's just as fun.

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