Amazon coat who?

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SJP Winter Coat on Amazon
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Sarah Jessica Parker is just as likely to wear a bejewelled dress with silver metallic mary janes as she is to wear $50 skinny jeans with sneakers, and for that exact reason we stan. She’s also very good at practical winter dressing. Whereas Céline Dion wears coats as big as most apartments and J.Lo wears coats that are popular amongst actual royalty, SJP wears parkas made to withstand the arctic.

Earlier this week, Parker was spotted out in New York City wearing the Woolrich Arctic Parka. The coat is not quite big enough to live in and hasn’t been endorsed by Meghan Markle, but of all the celebrity-approved winter coats worn recently, it’s definitely the most practical.

The Woolrich Arctic Parka is made of water-resistant Teflon with a special finish to ensure it can withstand the snow and wind, too. It also has a hood with removable fur and four pockets to keep your hands warm. Best of all, an older model is actually available on Amazon right now for as little as $299.

Because Woolrich makes coats that’ll actually help you survive the winter, whether you’re actually in the arctic or just NYC, they typically retail for upwards of $800, which is why finding it for a couple of hundred dollars on Amazon is a big deal — literally. The discounted price appears to be because Amazon stocks the older model, but since Wollrich Arctic Parkas are SJP-approved, we’re not mad about it. Although the $299-version is sold out in a small on Amazon, the latest Woolrich Arctic Parka is available in small (and all other sizes) on Nordstrom.

And as much as we love a good three-coats-in-one-day outfit change a la Kristen Bell, there’s something really endearing and reassuring about the fact that SJP has worn Woolrich Parkas on multiple occasions throughout the winter. Amazon coat who?

Shop the SJP-approved Woolrich Arctic Parka on Amazon below.

Woolrich Arctic Parka

Woolrich Men's Arctic Parka
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