The trend you did not see coming.

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Moschino - Lead
Credit: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images

I love how fashion can be so quirky and weird. Wearing a bra on the outside of your shirt? Love it. Cycling shorts when you aren't riding a bike? Even better, if you ask me. But handbags that look like frozen dinners? I did not see that one coming. When did microwaved food become sexy? Well Moschino's making an argument for its return with the brand's latest drop.

Moschino sent models down a Price Is Right-themed runway in Milan this week. It was not the Drew Carey version of the show — I'm talking full-on, '80s, Bob Parker with brown hair style. Irina Shayk hit the catwalk with a bouffant that would make Tracy Turnblad jealous, wearing a bodycon Good Luck Trolls x Moschino dress decked out in slot-machine symbols. Kaia Gerber, meanwhile, strutted in a $1,000,000 jacket. The highlight of the event was Cara Taylor's sequin mini dress, paired with a cape shaped like mixed vegetables, steak, and mashed potatoes swimming in a puddle of gravy.

Don't get me wrong. Stouffers has definitely gotten me through some rough times, especially that lasagna. But I never thought that saturated fat would turn into the latest fashion trend. In a Jeremey Scott world, though, anything is possible. Remember how he turned Windex-shaped phone cases into the latest designer must-have? Maybe in a few months from now we'll all be walking around looking like a snack.