By Kim Duong
Updated May 08, 2017 @ 3:15 pm
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In case you ever doubted him (excuse you), Karl Lagerfeld does, in fact, do his research when it comes to designing shows. And it’s not some quick, 10 minute Google search either, mind you. The iconic designer will go to great lengths to acquire the knowledge he needs in the name of fashion. How far does that research take him? Well, for his space-themed Chanel fall 2017 ready-to-wear show, it took him literal light years away.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Lagerfeld went as far as interviewing astronaut Thomas Pesquet while he was in space—talk about a long distance phone call. The designer got in touch with Pesquet while he was aboard the International Space Station for a Q&A, regarding everything from what Pesquet eats to how often he works out—all the while taking notes for Lagerfeld’s space-themed Chanel show (and in case you missed it: yes, there was an actual rocket ship on the runway).

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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“I am very flattered that Karl Lagerfeld draws inspiration from space for his collections,” said Pesquet. “It means space makes people dream, that people are interested in exploration and science, and that’s a good thing, because we are doing this for them. We don’t do this for fun, but to be useful to society, at the end of the day.”

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Touching on fashion, Pesquet got frank, “Thankfully [Lagerfeld] did not draw inspiration from astronaut’s outfits, because obviously here, we tend to wear European Space Agency polo shirts and pants with Velcro fastenings, which is not that great.” Instead, Lagerfeld’s fall ready-to-wear collection saw a myriad of chic planetary hard case clutches and glitter moon boots—not a Velcro strap in sight.