Trade in your favorite tote for a too-big-to-fit-through-the-door bow backpack.

Givenchy - Lead
Credit: Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images

It’s currently Couture fashion week in Paris, AKA the most wonderful time of the year, where the fashion is fash-un and street style takes maximalism to new levels. Normcore has never met Couture week, and if you enjoy even a hint of fashion freakery, this is your moment.

Each season we see things that blow our minds (remember that insane butterfly headpiece Frances McDormand wore to the Met Ball? That was Valentino Couture) and this season, we were dumbstruck by Givenchy’s backpack/bow hybrid.

Givenchy - Embed
Credit: Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images

The odds are good that we’ll see someone actually wear one to fashion week, and we’re 100 percent ready for it.

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The styles were so large and wide, they look like they’d very barely fit through a doorway — if at all. Nevermind on a packed subway car — this is the sort of impractical, delightful, fantastical fashion that we absolutely live for.