By Eric Wilson
Updated Oct 01, 2018 @ 9:45 am
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Fashion is a nonstop circus, but every now and then it pays to take a break. One not-to-be-missed rest stop in Milan, if you happen to be in Italy this month, is a 50th anniversary exhibition dedicated to the house of Etro. At the Mudec museum until October 14, the show presents the history of the house, famous for its lush paisley prints, in a lively and sometimes interactive way. The very first room is entirely covered in paisley — walls and mannequins included, as well as an enormous plush paisley tree with roots and branches, and paisley seats where you can recline and take in all of its trippy gloriousness.

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The Etros have long been one of Italian fashion’s most compelling families, with their slightly bohemian twist on classic tailoring, an embrace of nature in ad campaigns that feature animal heads on human bodies, and a history of creative runway shows. All of this is on display at Mudec, through videos and amusing displays, including one room dedicated to a collection of wild busts.

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“Fashion is a cycle, where you work over and over, but this was an occasion to stop,” says Veronica Etro, the women’s creative director. “This is nice, especially for younger people, because for all the shows we did in the 1990s, in the supermarket, the train station — no one really knows about them. It’s a way of showing what we’ve done until now.”