Chanel Wants You to Wear Footless Tights Under Your Skirt Like It's 2006

It's questionable, but we're not completely opposed.

Footless Tights
Photo: John Medina/WireImage

Are you in the mood to watch MTV's TRL, buy a Dooney & Bourke bag, and break out your trucker hat? No? Well, that's too bad, because we're time traveling back to 2006 thanks in part to Chanel's 2021 Métiers d’Art show.

Just when we had fully accepted that butt fashion had made its triumphant return, with peek-a-boo thongs and attention-grabbing graphics popping up on our favorite celebrities, the fashion house is trying to convince us to give footless tights or leggings under skirts a try — and honestly, we're not that opposed. Sure, we associate this outfit combo with ladies like Hannah Montana and Rachel Bilson (back when she was playing Summer on The OC) but aside from allowing us to stay warm and cute during transitional seasons, it looks super sophisticated styled the Chanel way: color-coordinated, with tiny minis and structured sets.

Of course, the brand provided plenty of examples on the runway, which was mostly virtual due to COVID-19 precautions. Aside from the cast and crew in attendance at the Tuesday show, which was filmed at the Château de Chenonceau in France's Loire Valley, the only other guest was Chanel muse Kristen Stewart, who got a firsthand look at the gorgeous designs.

It's true that not everything on the runway makes it mainstream, but footless tights have been trying to make their comeback for a bit. They've popped up at Prada and on Chrissy Teigen, way back in February. And, considering the fashion crowd is constantly breaking out tricks to make leggings and other comfy, practical staples seem fancy, we won't be surprised if this look is everywhere in a matter of months.

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