I've Had This $1,000 Suitcase for Years and It Still Looks Flawless

It's been dropped, dinged, and dragged along cobblestone streets, but miraculously, it's still as sleek as ever.

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CAP ONE: I've Taken This $1,100 Suitcase on TK Trips Across the World and It Still Looks Brand New
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If there's one lesson I learned from a decade of flying 15 hours across the world every three months and practically living out of my suitcases, it's the importance of having a near-indestructible one that withstands all the banging and scratching that inevitably happens to a piece of luggage. My graveyard of broken suitcases is built on cracked wheels, jammed handles, and ripped polyester padding, all of which has only made me appreciate flawlessly engineered cases more than any other product in my life.

The ultimate suitcase is without a doubt worth the investment, something that I've always preached to my family. My mom used to visit me from our home in Taiwan as I studied at boarding school in the States, and would always carry a lumpy suitcase that seemed to sag from its own weight. So when we went to Europe for a vacation six years ago, I made sure our itinerary included a trip to a Rimowa store, where we'd be able to pick up one of the brand's iconic suitcases to upgrade our rotation.

The one we picked, a large burgundy option from the company's old Limbo collection (now the Hybrid collection, with a similar polycarbonate outer shell after an update by Rimowa), has turned out to be a more than worthwhile $1,000-plus splurge. It was clear from the get-go that this suitcase would be the best souvenir from that trip: We dragged it on cobblestoned Italian lanes, countryside hills, and graveled city streets that definitely aren't luggage-friendly, but it stayed just as easy to carry as the moment we left the store with it. It also shocked me by being ultra lightweight. Compared to my old massive suitcases made of thick plastic frames and heavy padding, the Rimowa one was practically a feather.

My mom, sister, and I planned to share the suitcase à la Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — except the 'pants' ended up with me after a few years and I never really gave the suitcase away again (whoops). Since then, it's been dinged and dropped from luggage carts and baggage claim carousels, but the construction has remained just as great as the first day we got it. Thanks to Rimowa's durable design, the case still looks sleek and fantastic, and getting to pack in it is reason alone for traveling.

Yes, the price tag is hefty, but after spending close to the same amount of money combined on tons of other easily broken suitcases, the Rimowa one has only proved to me that picking luggage is all about investing in something timeless that lasts. I'm glad my Rimowa will.

I've Taken This $1,100 Suitcase on TK Trips Across the World and It Still Looks Brand New

Shop now: $1,060; rimowa.com

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