Selman gave InStyle the inside scoop on his new Savage X Fenty collaboration — which is almost too hot to handle.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Jan 01, 2020 @ 11:15 am
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Valentine's Day and sexy lingerie basically go hand in hand, but it's possible that no one does it better than Rihanna and Adam Selman. The two fashion icons partnered up to create a heart-inclusive Savage X Fenty collection just in time for Feb. 14, and — woo — can someone please open a window? Because this stuff is pretty darn steamy.

"I saw Rihanna, and when we went in for a hug, she whispered in my ear, ‘You have to do Savage X with me," Selman revealed to InStyle, telling us how, exactly, this collaboration with his friend began. "I was like, 'Ok, sure.' We went about our business, and a few days later, she texted me like, ‘No, I'm serious. You have to do a collaboration with us.’"

The designer says he immediately started researching inspiration, asking Rihanna for her opinion throughout, and ultimately decided to give things a throwback vibe.

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"I wanted to do something that was still in the spirit of Savage X Fenty, but give them an offering they didn't have already. I really pushed into sexy '80s cuts, and was inspired by '80s lingerie and Frederick's of Hollywood. I wanted to keep it cheeky and playful, so I added hearts, and ruffles, and a topless babydoll dress. I went almost as girly and lovey, lovey, lovey as possible, and then I made it super sexy to counteract that."

Ahead, Selman tells us more about the process, what else is coming down the pipeline, and reveals his ideal Valentine's Day gift idea — which you probably haven't thought of before.

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You had all these ideas, but how did the collaboration part work? Did you run them by Rihanna and she gave her input?

Rihanna is amazing because she's one of the few people who can look at a sketch and realize what it would translate into. I came to her with a lot of ideas, inspirations, and sketches for each of those inspirations. We went down the line and picked out the ones that she was feeling most. As much as I love lingerie, I don't wear it, and I think she's a true connoisseur of things like that. So I leaned on her for her opinions and knowledge. I could always text her and be like, ‘Do you like this or this?’ She would get back to me really quickly because we have such a long history of working together and I can do that with her. I feel like I know what she'll respond to and what she won't.

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Altogether, how long did the process take?

We started in May of 2018. There were extensive fittings, because of the lingerie process, and because of the size offering that Savage X Fenty is able to do. It really was a long process, which was amazing because I was there for every single step. I learned a lot throughout the entire thing.

What are some pieces that you made sure to include in your Valentine's Day collection?

I wanted it to be super sexy and feel like an authentic collaboration between Rihanna and I. I don't really have an opinion on Valentine's Day lingerie, other than cheeky, kitschy advertising pictures I've collected from the '70s from Frederick's of Hollywood. I keep going back to it, but that's what sticks out in my mind. I really went with that. Even the zipper details — you can unzip a full cup and your boob is out, or you can make your panties into crotch-less panties. I really wanted to go full sex because, why not? On the flip side, you really can wear some of the pieces outside of the bedroom, which I wanted to encourage as well. I think there's sort of new rules now, and lingerie as day wear is amazing. A lot of my collections were also inspired by lingerie as day wear, so that's no stranger to my language about how I think about fashion. It's fun to be able to blur those lines.

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Can you talk a little bit about the campaign?

Rihanna had a lot of input on the inspiration and what she wanted it to look like. By that point, it was fun to sit back and let that happen. She chose Joan Smalls, Paloma Elessler, Adesuwa, and Fiffany to be in it. I showed up and I'm like, ‘Holy shit, wow.’ Dream girls. And many of them are friends, too. It felt like a natural, easy part. It was a cherry on top.

Are you planning more collaborations with Savage X Fenty?

There will be some additional drops coming after Valentine's Day. It’s a full collection of lingerie coming your way.

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Aside from this lingerie, what is the best Valentine's Day gift?

Something that's useful and disposable. I'm a big fan of gifts that don't stick around in your house, so there is no emotional commitment to them — you either use them up or get rid of them. Definitely something for the bedroom, like a lube or an almond oil to give massages. Or, if you want to take care of that person, maybe they're not good at running errands, so you go buy all their paper towels and their soaps and create a set. Take something off their plate. I don't want anything too sentimental. It's nice if you just take something off your loved one's plate.

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