By Kim Duong
Updated Oct 10, 2017 @ 7:45 pm
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Thick of summer, late July, I’m scouring the web for a pair of retro sunglasses to instantly turn me into a Model Squad wannabe (you know the type: thick, white rimmed, probably worth only $ but are marked up to about $$$). I finally find the perfect pair, and just as I’m about to add-to-cart, the page reloads to tell me it’s sold out. Bewildered, I go back to the homepage (call it blind optimism—I don’t know what I was hoping for, but I was at least hoping for something). And there they are, the ‘Add to Cart’ button staring me square in the face, mocking me as if to say, silly girl, we weren’t sold out, it was just a website glitch or perhaps your own personal error. Confused, I click for more product info, and that’s when I see it: Men’s Sunglasses. I go back to the original page, the sold out page, and there it is in 14 pt Helvetica font: Women’s Sunglasses. Cue psycho violin screech—GENDERED SHOPPING STRIKES AGAIN!

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Here’s the thing: Gender fluidity in fashion—while more prevalent in recent years with the help of stars like Harry Styles and his many pussybow blouses and major fast fashion retailers, such as Zara and H&M, unveiling their own unisex clothing lines—has yet to hit the mainstream, and that’s certainly an obstacle for those who simply want to shop outside the confines of gender. There are still two sides to fashion department stores, and with them, sales reps eager to ask, “Are you shopping for your boyfriend/girlfriend?” if you happen to cross venture into the Land of the Other Side of the Store. Shopping—shouldn’t it be easier than this?

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Luckily Amy Bender and April Mellas get it, thus creating the first ever genderless shopping app, RIGit. Add to that: They understand the importance of having a 100% unisex shopping platform, because while some retailers are adding in unisex or androgynous items, they’re doing so slowly—and frankly, that just won’t do.

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RIGit comes to the market as a unique shopping experience, revolutionizing the way we shop. For instance, if you’re familiar with Tinder (there’s a high chance you are), then you already know how to use the app (and if not, RIGit prides itself on being super-user friendly). Swipe right for the outfits or pieces you like and left for the ones you don’t, and then shop directly from the app—meaning no more intrusive sales reps or having to reload separate department pages, and isn’t that something?

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RIGit takes it one step further by allowing you to share your fashion identity in order for the app to best cater to you. You can browse outfits by style—from ‘classic’ to ‘edgy’ to ‘preppy’ and everything in between (bonus: You can always go back and change your style identity, too). You can even browse by occasion, solving the age-old question, what do you wear when you have a picnic date at 6 p.m. and then a bar-hopping extravaganza at 7 p.m.?

Be sure to download RIGit from the App Store, whether you’re a woman who loves kitten heels as much as she does skinny ties, or a man who’s down to rock from frills, or just simply someone who wants to shop the middle of the Venn diagram.