By Katherine Eisenbrand
Updated Feb 26, 2018 @ 9:00 am
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Not everyone can effortlessly throw together a chic look each morning and saunter into their day with the confidence of Emily Ratajkowski. Most of us experience the daily crisis of having a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear.”

That black blazer you’ve had since senior year of college? That pencil skirt with the half-undone hemline? The white button-down that has just enough of the outline of the coffee stain from your breakfast last year? Yeah, we’ve been there.

Luckily, Rent the Runway is out to attempt solve our daily fashion crises, with today’s launch of The Rent/Buy Edit. In case you aren’t familiar, Rent the Runway is a subscription-based designer clothes borrowing service. For the smart shopper on a budget, Rent the Runway’s Rent/Buy Edit is a seasonal lookbook with styling suggestions for rentals as well as recommendations for the few, curated items worth buying.

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For a woman who has a lot on her plate, this website allows her to regularly revitalize her wardrobe without wasting time, money, or clothing. In addition to the exciting new launch, perhaps the most clever innovation of Rent the Runway’s business model is its low impact on the environment.

We learned that the average woman buys 68 pieces a year but only regularly wears 20 percent of that. Additionally, the majority of American women throw away their clothing rather than donate. Rent the Runway’s general motto is rent more, buy less, donate the rest. Their business model allows women to easily get rid of their unused clothing rather than suffocate the landfills with textiles. The fashion industry has been isolated as the second largest polluter in the world.

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But with this new styling guide, Rent The Runway hopes women will wear more and waste less.

Anushka Salinas, head of subscriptions, tells InStyle that shopping smarter also means distinguishing what you should own vs. borrow. “We’re still in the land of over-consumption,” says Salinas. “But people want that guidance on what’s worth investing in each season.”

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The importance of owning timeless go-to pieces in your wardrobe can’t be overstated. Especially lately — when trends seem to come and go with the wind — closet staples are a necessity. By offering a well-consulted style guide, Rent the Runway aims to help women learn to distinguish between their standouts and standbys.

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Rent the Runway’s Rent/Buy Edit represents the authoritative one-stop shop for everything a modern woman needs in her wardrobe. They’re calling it "The Smart 6" — a highly curated list of six items to buy at a range of price points. From denim jeans that work hard for you to a pair of comfortable work shoes that you feel confident in, the guide will help you find classic wardrobe staples that fit both your personal style and practical needs. “We’re excited to be taking more of a point of view on what those pieces are that make sense for you to own,” says Salinas. “Our customers want more direct styling advice.”