We love to see it (from afar).

By Tara Gonzalez
Updated Mar 20, 2020 @ 5:15 pm
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Credit: Toni Anne Barson/Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon’s smile is so pure that staring at it today made me nearly forget I haven’t left the house in a week. The effect of her grin was probably amplified by the fact that it was joined by Laura Dern’s smile — from six feet away. The two friends recently took a socially distanced hike while wearing matching outfits. It was the uplifting quarantine moment we’ve all needed to admire, from afar obviously.

Credit: Instagram/@reesewitherspoon

Witherspoon and Dern’s friendship apparently knows no bounds, except for those outlined by the US government. Still, they didn’t let that get in their way of enjoying some fresh air while wearing matching WFH fits. And for once, a celeb power-BFF duo wore outfits that looked shockingly like our own: workout sneakers, puffer jackets, and plain black leggings. We love to see it. Once again, from afar.

If you’re looking for a way to recreate this pure, blissful, uplifting social distancing moment but are neither friends with Witherspoon or Dern, you can at least dress like them in cozy WFH outfit essentials. Nordstrom’s surprise sale has everything 25 percent off right now, so that’s probably a good place to start. And even though my boyfriend looks nothing like Laura Dern (unfortunately) I’ll still be making him channel her energy in our next socially distanced selfie.

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