Our future selves are thanking her for this important reminder.

By Samantha Sutton
Jun 18, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

It can be hard to keep up with Reese Witherspoon's resume — actress, producer, founder of a clothing brand and a media company — but one thing that's been consistent throughout her career? Her fashion choices. Yes, the star had a few questionable moments back in the '90s (ditto), but for decades now, we've gotten used to seeing her in a rotation of sundresses, wedges, and various pairs of skinny jeans. She also happens to be the queen of denim jackets.

Witherspoon is known to pair this classic outerwear option with all types of outfits. She's worn it on the red carpet or while running errands with her family. She's dressed it up with heels or went a more casual route, styling it with sneakers. The shapes and shades have changed a bit over the years, but whether it's spring, summer, fall, or even a warmer winter day, Witherspoon's denim jacket will likely make an appearance.

The star has taught us that this closet staple is well worth the investment, and that even in the middle of August, it's smart to pack one as an extra layer (hello, breezy nights and powerful air conditioning). Ahead, we've rounded up some of Witherspoon's best denim jacket outfits, providing us with inspiration that will last for years to come.

April 2003

Credit: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Not every aughts outfit would still work today, but Witherspoon's white dress, bow-embellished flats, and jean jacket wouldn't look out of place in 2020.

April 2011

Credit: Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic

One thing we love about this specific style? It's easy to throw on and go. Here, the star paired her denim jacket with a long T-shirt, ruffled skirt, and a neutral pair of flats, which would work for both a weekend brunch or a casual Friday at the office.

April 2014

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

We're fans of denim on denim, but sometimes wonder about mixing blue and black washes. Thanks to Witherspoon, we know it works.

July 2014

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

And, yes — denim jackets look pretty sleek with white pants, too.

April 2015

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

In the past, we've been stumped about what to pair with skirts and dresses on a breezy day, but here's photographic evidence that a denim jacket can be dressed up, too.

March 2015

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Another reason to keep a denim jacket in your closet: it's not too light or too heavy, which means it's perfect for in-between days.

September 2016

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

And, did we mention it's a great way to amp up a basic white tee?

April 2017

Sometimes Witherspoon channels her retro side. Aside from wearing full midi skirts, we've seen her style her jean jackets with pops of red, including pointed-toe heels and red frame sunglasses.

September 2017

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

This piece happens to be so easy to switch up, too. You can cuff the sleeves, drape it over your shoulders, or even pair it with a cardigan.

August 2018

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Is there such thing as wearing too many wardrobe essentials at once? According to Reese's denim jacket, white T-shirt, and espadrille wedges, the answer is clearly no.

May 2019

Credit: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Witherspoon has worn plenty of variations of the denim jacket over the years, whether they've been cropped or oversized. Now, the question is, how many styles does she currently have in her closet? Considering how often she wears them, we're betting it's more than one.