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Realisation Par Naomi - Tout
Credit: Realisation Par

I remember the first time I saw Réalisation Par’s now-iconic leopard print skirt. I was sitting last summer in a co-working space, writing (as I am wont to do), when an effortless, magnetic woman glided past my table wearing a bright orange vintage tee and a patterned silk slip. I’m not a starer, but at that moment I couldn’t keep my eyes off the swish of the delicate fabric as it made its way through the room and out the other door.

It was enough to make me stop mid-sentence and make Google tell me where I could find the skirt. Sure enough, the phrase “silk leopard print skirt” brought me straight to the Naomi. My size was in stock, and I bought it then and there — an act that I would later learn was nothing short of miraculous, given how quickly (and how often) the skirt would sell out that summer.

Australian brand Réalisation Par is more or less in the business of creating pretty summer clothes that go truly viral. First, it was the Alexandra, that flirty, flounced long-sleeve dress that we’ve seen on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Bella Hadid every summer since it launched four years ago. Then, there was the Violette, the wrap midi dress that was just as, if not more ubiquitous than the Alexandra, and which Emily Ratajkowski showed us how to style as both a dress and a robe.

Next came the Juliet, whose ruffled shoulder straps became the essential dress detail we never knew we needed, and EmRata and just about every influencer made their love for the dress known. And then there was the Teale Wild Cherry, which ushered in a wave of cherry-laden pieces and a renewed appreciation for the fruit motif.

But, as far and wide as these pieces took off, none became quite the sensation as my beloved Naomi Wild Things skirt, which all but broke Instagram. According to a representative of the brand, the Naomi is Réalisation Par’s best-ever selling product, topping out its influential predecessors by a landslide. It was seen on everyone from Leandra Medine to Sabine Socol, and just about every style blogger was posting about it incessantly.

Naturally, once the huge hype was made apparent, the copycats immediately followed suit. From reputable brands like & Other Stories to made-in-China manufacturers, fast fashion wanted a taste of the Naomi success and began producing their own versions of the silk, leopard print slip skirt. While some made a valiant effort to differentiate themselves enough, others were downright copy-pasted. Unfortunately for them, and the people who shopped the imitations, none were even close to the quality or design of the OG.

Today, nearly a year later, I’m still thrilled every time I wear my Naomi out. It’s the one piece I don’t mind accidentally twinning with someone when I spot another Naomi-wearer in the wild. And, to be fair, that does happen quite often. Here in New York, it’s just barely, finally starting to warm up, and already, I’ve spotted The Skirt on three separate occasions. There are certainly trendy items that will pop for a season and then retire to the backs of closets or resale shops, but the Naomi has made it clear: We’ve most definitely not seen the last of her.

Shop the skirt that’s poised to dominate for its second year running for $180 at RealisationPar.com.

Realisation Par Naomi - Embed
Credit: Realisation Par

To buy: $180; realisationpar.com