Queen Letizia's Outfits Are Freakin' Phenomenal — and Full of Priceless Style Lessons

She might just be the world's most fashionable royal.

Queen Letizia Style Lessons
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It can be argued that Queen Letizia of Spain is the world's best-dressed royal. While other tiara-wearing ladies like Kate Middleton and Sweden's Princess Sofia tend to follow specific formulas, alternating between shift dresses and skirt suits, Letizia's wardrobe is full of surprises. Leather pants? She's got 'em. Something sheer? She's worn it. The former journalist (!!!) has become a pro at putting together perfect outfits, and each time she steps out, we feel inspired to try and recreate what she's wearing for ourselves.

So, naturally, we've taken a few notes. Ahead, you'll find Queen Letizia's best looks along with the priceless style lessons they've taught us. The good new is that anyone can easily follow these quick tips — royal title or not.

Try Playful Prints

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There's nothing wrong with stripes or floral designs, but Queen Letizia is a big fan of making a statement. She's been spotted in animal prints and geometric shapes, and also owns a bunch of polka-dot pieces, which are whimsical without being over-the-top.

Black Slacks Don't Have to Be Boring

Black Pants
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Plain black pants have gotten a bad rap, as they're often associated with stuffy workwear, but Letizia has made us see them in a whole new light. Rather than sticking with slimmer styles, she gravitates toward flares and wide-leg crops, and pairs them with eye-cathing items such as a white belt or a sequined jacket.

Dare to Rewear Standout Outfits

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Just like Kate Middleton, this royal knows there's nothing wrong with repeating a look. She's been rocking the same pleated BOSS fit-and-flare since 2017, and pairs it with black pumps for at least three different outings.

Skip the Collar

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The collarless trend has seen a rise in popularity as of late, but Letizia has favored lapel-less blazers for years. They're formal yet casual, modern yet timeless, and are the perfect way to complete an outfit, whether you're waring a dress or a pair of jeans.

Go Ahead and Show Some Skin

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We wouldn't expect to see a royal in sheer clothing, but Queen Letizia has no problem stepping out in revealing styles. She's attended events wearing mesh-detailed dresses and ones that feature see-through lace down the front, proving that you can be formal and sexy at the same time.

Sometimes, the Best Stuff Comes From Zara

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Royals own their fair share of designer clothing, but Letizia knows that good don't always equal expensive. The queen frequently wears (and rewears!) items from Zara, keeping up with current, seasonal trends in a budget-friendly way — just like many other fashion lovers.

Embrace Those Capes

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We've seen fictional queens wear capes in TV shows and movies, but Letizia considers them a real-life staple. In 2017, she wore a glamorous, red caped gown to a birthday celebration for King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, and has been spotted in subtler options, such as a caped blazer, while tending to royal duties.

When in Doubt, Choose a Classic Shoe

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Once the summer rolls around, royals tend to swap out their heels for wedged espadrilles — and Queen Letizia is no different. The best part about these shoes is that they can be styled just like your average pump, giving dresses and pants a bit more oomph, whether at events or on vacation.

Get Checked Out

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Letizia loves her plaid, and that's not just limited to pants or suits. She owns plaid dresses, plaid shirts, and plaid skirts, all of which feature eye-catching details and interesting cuts, convincing us this print is far from basic or boring.

Add a Belt

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An easy way to make an old outfit feel new again? Throw on a belt. Whether its cinching a dress, a jumpsuit, or looping it through a pair of pants, the queen uses the accessory to define her waist and make her outfit pop.

Find a Top with a Little Something Extra

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Once this royal finds a trend she likes, she tends to wear it over and over again — and that's definitely the case with neck-tie tops. They're a quick way to give suits, pencil skirts, and modest dresses a playful twist, and are often the something extra a simple outfit needs.

Try a Drop Earring

Drop Earrings
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Amal Clooney loves drop earrings, Kate Middleton loves drop earrings, and Queen Letizia is a fan of this power-woman-approved accessory as well. She has a bunch of long, elegant, sparkly pairs, but her go-to options feature pearls on the end. She likes what she likes!

Mix Up Your Look With Leather

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Who knew that swapping out our favorite items for leather alternatives can give an outfit a whole new look? Letizia did. Her leather midis and leather pants give things a more modern vibe, and her tight leather dress was an unexpected, sexy, and fashion-forward choice.

Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Suits

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We typically picture suits as structured blazers and matching pants (or a skirt), but this queen knows not all of these sets are created equal. Over the years, she's spiced things up with by going oversized, wearing a peplum jacket, or adding a ruffled shirt, reminding us that this reliable pairing is truly versatile.

Don't Underestimate Basics

White Blouse
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How many ways can you wear a white button-down? Well, seeing how often Letizia uses them to complete her look, the limit does not exist. She'll wear them with midi skirts, leather pants, and white jeans. Plus we can't forget all the times she's styled this must-have shirt with her many suits.

Pick a Signature Color

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What can we say? Queen Letizia loves red — AKA a bold, power color that demands the attention of any room. Before she was a queen, and even before she was a princess, Letizia was into wearing red, likely because it looks flattering against her dark features.

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