The One Item Priyanka Chopra Jonas Pairs With Every Summer Outfit

Plus more seasonal style advice.

If Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s multiple wedding looks, Met Gala ensembles, or daytime naked dresses have taught us anything, it’s that the actress is a bonafide fashion icon. We’re rarely left feeling unimpressed with her smart styling choices, such as shiny metallic blazers or sexy tweed suits (a combination that, truthfully, we didn’t even know existed). So when we had the chance to ask the star for summer style advice, ahead of one of the trickiest (and stickiest) seasons to dress for? We obviously took it without hesitation.

At the launch of Target's Vineyard Vines collaboration, Priyanka weighed in on some of our biggest fashion dilemmas, from how to accessorize a summer outfit to what to wear on a not-too-hot, not-too-cold day. She also gave her opinion on questionable men's trends like jorts (jean shorts), and, of course, her answer included a shout out to her husband, Nick Jonas.

Priyanka Chopra Summer Style Advice
John Lamparski/Getty Images

Don’t Overthink Accessories

"I feel like less is more. For example, this [Vineyard Vines for Target] skirt is the piece. All I did was wear a white bodysuit, a white belt, and heels, and it's a summery outfit. It’s elevated. Then, I could change into crop-top T-shirt and flip-flops and it would change it completely."

Remember to Layer

"I get cold all the time, anywhere. It might be hot outside, but somewhere inside, in the air conditioning, you’ll be freezing because people are overcompensating for the weather outside. I always have a top layer. I’ve always been more of a cardigan person. I’m not really a denim jacket girl as much — there was a phase I was, but now I’m more into formal jackets. Or cardigans under a formal jacket. That’s more my vibe."

Her 80-Degree Outfit Formula

"If it’s an 80-degree day, which is warm, maybe it turns 60 degrees at night, which is a weird, “How do I dress today?” [situation]. Jeans would be appropriate, because if you wear jeans, you’re warm, but at the same time, they’re airy — maybe looser, high-waisted jeans. A cropped T-shirt, again, so it’s airy, and in the daytime, you can wear little sandals or kitten heels, just to dress it up a little bit. Then add a really nice belt to bring it all together and carry a jacket with you — any kind of jacket you would wear in the evening. I also always keep gold hoops with me to go to from day to night. So I'll put on a higher heel, gold hoops, and a fun jacket, and it makes my outfit into [an evening outfit]."

Jorts Can Work — If Nick Jonas Wears Them

"You know, my husband is such a fashionista; I ask for his advice whenever I’m going somewhere. I love a man who has the confidence to take care of himself. I think most men, I’m sorry to say, they’re very insecure about the fact that if they take care of themselves, it’s going to be feminine. And that’s a bad thing why? That’s what I want to ask to them. But I feel like Nick could totally rock a pair of jorts. I would go buy them if he wore them. He’s someone who wears stuff and you’re like, ‘What? How does that look great on you?!’ I don’t know, I’m very confused about men’s fashion. I think I would follow Nick Jonas’s trends."

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