The Poofy Dress Trend That's All Over Instagram Was Actually Inspired by Princess Diana

The royal's wedding gown is having a moment again.

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Princess Diana Wedding Dress
Photo: Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

When Princess Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, her wedding dress was perfectly on-trend. It included many signature details that were popular during that decade — and, apparently, in 2019. Lately, we've noticed that dresses similar to Diana’s (albeit, more casual, everyday versions) having been popping up in stores, and there is one brand in particular that's been leading the charge: Batsheva.

“To be honest, I didn't particularly care for Princess Diana's style back then,” founder and designer Batsheva Hay admits when chatting about the royal's gown via email. “But, her look is so timeless and resonates with me so much more now than it did when I was younger. I love the pictures of her in bike shorts and Harvard sweatshirts. I love the pictures of her in Laura Ashley. There was always something so naive and old, frumpy lady about her at the same time — the big collars, pearl buttons, and baseball caps. It is too perfect.”

Batsheva Princess Diana Wedding Dress

In fact, the designer is quick to admit that the royal is a big source of inspiration for the pieces she creates.

“My inspiration is heavily influenced by Princess Diana, Laura Ashley, Upper West Side and Welsh women,” she reveals, before adding how she switches things up to keep the clothing fresh. “There is a general brand DNA that stays the same — because that is essentially my personal style and that does not change from season to season — but I try to show different sides of my style each season.”

Hay is definitely excited that ‘80s styles are making a comeback, but others may find it all to be a bit intimidating. For those folks, the designer has some words of wisdom.

“As with Diana's style, the '80s look better now than they did then,” she says. “The experimentation with volume — between shoulder pads, puff sleeves, and ruffles — was such fun, and fun is what getting dressed should be about!”

We definitely agree, which is why we're ready to add some Batsheva to our closet, ASAP.

Batsheva Princess Diana Wedding Dress

To Buy: $450;

Batsheva Princess Diana Wedding Dress

To Buy: $565;

Batsheva Princess Diana Wedding Dress

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