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Pharrell Williams
Credit: Getty

Couture tends to bring out the fanciest in people. The highest heels, the sparkliest dresses, the tightest corsets …

And each year, with bated breath, we anxiously await the Chanel show. We wait for it to see all the details, all the wild accessories, the finale bride, and of course, the amazingly dressed celebrities sitting front row. Yesterday’s show was no exception.

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Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Lily Collins, Tracee Ellis Ross, to name a few, all were front row decked out in the tweediest of tweeds. Also there? King of Chic: Pharrell Williams.

Gabrielle Chanel famously advised to take one thing off before walking out the door every day—a trick to ensure you don’t over-accessorize. Apparently, Pharrell didn’t have a mirror and we think that’s just fabulous. He arrived in a pink oversize cardigan (c/o Chanel’s pre-fall collection), paired with a tie-dyed tee, Ringo Starr-worthy sunnies, and bright yellow sneakers. Oh, and he wore jeans. He wore ripped jeans. He wore ripped jeans to a couture show.

The accessory we’re happiest he didn’t remove? His purple clutch with a chain, which he wore around his neck and resembled a very large pillbox. Or perhaps a sunglasses holder? Or maybe a pouch to store a granola bar? A couture one, of course.