Celebrities Are Wearing This $50 Jewelry From 2010 Everywhere, Including Coachella

Do call it a comeback.

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Pandora is coming back trend
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Growing up in the 2000s meant a couple things: Britney Spears was gospel and Spiceworld: The Movie was the highest form of cinema. Things were simpler then. Not owning a velour Juicy Couture tracksuit felt like the end of the world, and all of my friends' major concerns were things like who to put in their Myspace Top 8 or which Pandora bracelet charm to buy next.

It's no secret that millennial teen style is back in full force unironically, or that everyone is yearning especially hard for pre-pandemic times. But still, as someone who immediately donated all of her Diesel lace-up boots, bedazzled Bebe tops, and beloved Juicy Couture bags once they became "uncool," I'm shocked to see it all come back. And while I currently majorly regret it (and still cannot believe someone out there who isn't me now owns my massive Juicy Couture bag collection), I am at least thankful that I saved my Pandora charm bracelet.

I'm emotional and nostalgic and extremely sentimental (I'm also, obviously, a Pisces). Any piece of jewelry that has a charm on it feels like a piece of me at a given point in time. It's like a tiny little frozen memory, something that I felt represented me, and I attach so many memories to each one. My Pandora bracelet from the early 2000s has been sitting on my dresser for years, and every time I look at it, memories from my sweet 16 (this was The Super Sweet 16 era after all) flood back to me.

With the launch of Pandora ME, a collection of customizable trendy jewelry that's accessible with prices starting at $22, the brand is preparing for a major comeback, and I've started re-wearing my OG charm bracelet for the first time in years. Charli XCX and Addison Rae partnered with Pandora for a campaign for the Pandora ME launch, and Olivia Rodrigo even recently wore layers of Pandora ME jewelry to the Grammys red carpet. The jewelry was also all over Coachella this past weekend, a tell-tale sign that Pandora is not just coming back, but cool enough to be worn to the festival with a style reputation so famous it makes headlines all over the world.

Pandora took over a house right outside the festival grounds, aptly named The Pandora Oasis, and Charli XCX actually performed for stylish festival-goers who were decked out in Pandora ME customizable link bracelets and necklaces. When I saw her before the performance sitting in one of the pink Pandora rooms of the Oasis, I complimented her insane Pandora stacking ability, and she instantly pointed out her favorite piece: the Pandora ME link necklace.

Pandora is coming back trend

She told me, "I love layering, and I think that's what's so cool about the collection. You can layer it, and it's like different textures and levels of chunkiness." Her favorite charm is the smiley charm, and she thinks the Pandora ME pave double link is a great add-on to any link necklace. Charli's necklaces, of which she wore multiple, were actually decked out with a couple of the style accents in the green color.

One thing that hasn't changed since the 2000s, aside from Pandora's influence, is clearly the stand-out style of pop stars, which I've been treating like the bible for as long as I can remember. Basically if Charli XCX, one of the biggest pop stars with a new chart-topping album, and incredible personal style, says I need a Pandora ME link necklace with tons of style accents, I'm adding it to my cart ASAP. And I just know 16-year-old Tara would love it too.

Shop some of my personal favorite pieces from the Pandora ME collection, below.

Pandora Me Link Chain Necklace

Pandora link necklace

Shop now: $185; amazon.com or pandora.net

Pandora ME Link Sterling Silver Bracelet

Pandora bracelet

Shop now: $105; amazon.com or pandora.net

Pandora Me Snake Link Bracelet Silver

Pandora jewelry

Shop now: $59; amazon.com or pandora.net

Pandora ME Smiley Charm

Pandora jewelry

Shop now: $25; amazon.com or pandora.net

Pandora ME Jewelry Sterling Silver Pin

Pandora jewelry

Shop now: $35; amazon.com or pandora.net

Pandora My Cherry 925 Moon Charm

pandora charm

Shop now: $25; pandora.net

Pandora Me Circle Connector

Pandora jewelry

Shop now: $30; amazon.com or pandora.net

Pandora Freshwater Cultured Baroque Pearl Pendant

Pandora jewelry

Shop now: $53 (Originally $57); amazon.com or pandora.net

Pandora Me Horseshoe Charm

Pandora Charm

Shop now: $25; pandora.net

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