Oval Office Redesign

Inauguration Central, Barack Obama Oval Office, Calvin Klein Home, the Minimalist
Photo: Amy Mellen; Courtesy Calvin Klein Home

Oval Office Redesign

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Three Design Teams Ponder a Makeover

Inauguration Central, Barack Obama Oval Office, Gossip Girl Set Designers, the Eclectics
Loren Weeks/Christina Tonkin/Malchus Janoko; Ron Edmonds/AP

The Eclectics


'S SET DESIGNERS: Loren Weeks, Christina Tonkin and Malchus Janocko
"We wanted the office to be comfortable and welcoming, family- and earth-friendly-subtle and cool like the man himself! Wherepossible, we incorporated sustainable materials, like low-VOC paints and fabrics with reduced environmental impact. We selected cork for the floors because it's a renewable resource that's durable and absorbssound for privacy. (Plus, the floors were once cork, so it's nice to come full circle.) The sofas have gentle curves that, when placed opposite each other, suggest the enveloping arc of an oval. Masters (Degas and Mark Rothko) from the National Gallery of Art commingle with black-and-white photographs from the Library of Congress, and family photos are framed in koa wood-indigenous to Hawaii."
Inset photo: George W. Bush's Oval Office

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The Modernist

Inauguration Central, Barack Obama Oval Office, Jonathan Adler, the Modernist
Jonathan Adler; Brian Colby

JONATHAN ADLER: "For President Obama's Oval Office, I added moi signature touch of drama with my Montmartre table and Horse lamps. Throughout my redesign, I used tone-on-tone walls and drapery, and repeated patterns, like the presidential seal on the rug. I tried to invigorate this historic room with a youthful, spirited look while keeping a tone that is distinctly American. The pieces and fabrics I chose lend a fun air to a typically austere and serious environment. This represents a new, sophisticated chapter for the White House."

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The Minimalist

Inauguration Central, Barack Obama Oval Office, Calvin Klein Home, the Minimalist
Amy Mellen; Courtesy Calvin Klein Home

CALVIN KLEIN HOME: Designer Amy Mellen
"I focused on neutrals and used a lot of textures and materials, like parchment leather and natural linen, to create a classic environment. The desk is bold, and the bookshelves flanking the fireplace make great statement pieces. I hung Jasper Johns's Gray Flag (1957) above the mantel because it's a modern interpretation of our country's most iconic symbol. The large sofas and armchairs are all comfortable and perfect for meetings."

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