Here's the Perfect Low-Key Outfit for Your Friendsgiving Plans

Friendsgiving Outfit
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Shop the look: 1. J.Crew top, $33; 2. Eve jeans, $300; 3. Zara booties, $40; 4. Cos earrings, $22; 5. Coach bag, $325; 6. Giles & Brother ring, $35;

What has fun, food, and no wardrobe drama? Friendsgiving, of course. A come all, melting pot kind of Turkey Day where strays gather and anything goes—you don't need to worry how conservative Aunt Muriel will feel about a casual outfit or wearing lady heels to humor your mother and you can wear the comfiest jeans in your closet and no one will raise an eyebrow. Camera phones, however, are another story, so be sure to elevate the combo with a few stand out accessories, like white booties and sleek jewelry.

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