We've Got the Perfect Look for Your Thanksgiving Eve Plans

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Shop the look: 1. H&M bomber, $40; hm.com 2. Nike shoe, $130; nike.com 3. Topshop hoodie, $65; topshop.com 4. Topshop jeans, $75; topshop.com 5. Wesc headphones, $59; yoox.com 6. COS backpack, $190; cosstores.com

With less than 24 hours until Thanksgiving dinner, you’re probably heading one of three places: the grocery store, the kitchen, or the fastest route out of town. But have you decided on an outfit? We suggest the cozy but cute cropped hoodie-and-high-waisted denim (two proportions that makes everyone look longer and leaner) combo above—and, of course, sneakers. It's better to save the heels for tomorrow’s schedule, when the only walking required is from your dining room table to the fridge.

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