Costume designer Emmie Holmes explains that John B's style is perfect for this moment in time.

By Tessa Petak
Updated May 12, 2020 @ 12:30 pm
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On who-even-knows-what day of quarantine, I got bored with the at-home workouts, Instagram scrolling, and whipped-coffee drinking. So, somewhat predictably, I turned to Netflix. I’m not sure if it was the thrill of an adventure, my longing for the beach, or Hollywood’s newest heartthrob (Looking at you Chase Stokes aka John B), but Outer Banks had me hooked from the start. No really, I’ve already watched it twice.

And the whole time I was watching, I couldn’t stop thinking about John B’s stellar collection of Hawaiian shirts and how chic one would look half-tucked into a pair of mom jeans. I mean really all of the Pogues’ looks seem like the perfect combination of comfy yet trendy. If you aren't watching yet, take my word for it: Come for the lusty treasure hunt meets family drama mystery; stay for the Outer Banks style that everyone will be wearing this summer anyway.

According to the show’s costume designer Emmie Holmes, that was exactly the point. “Our style on Outer Banks is unique and most importantly obtainable, and that’s something that was top on my list,” says Holmes. “I think the level of comfort in our Pogue style is perfect for this summer” — which will most likely be spent in quarantine.

Outer Banks style has already taken off on social media. Tik Tokers have started dressing up like their favorite OBX characters using just the clothes they have in their closet, so you know it's easy to emulate. Maybe it’s our nostalgia for happier times spent browsing in surf shops and lounging on the beach or our newfound appreciation for comfort-meets-cool, but all I know is it works. I, for one, am going to be living in Pogue fashion this summer.

John B isn’t the first to make a case for bringing back the classic Hawaiian shirt. The trend has already been spotted on celebrities from Miley Cyrus IRL to Zoë Kravitz all throughout Hulu's High Fidelity. Holmes' advice for styling the look? “Wear it down; imperfection is key. The John B style — not all of his buttons buttoned and often mis-buttoned — was a happy accident in the fitting room. Chase [Stokes] mis-buttoned his shirt, and I loved it. So try that!”

Holmes says the style can be bought new or old, from a thrift store or even snatched from your dad’s closet. And while she says she loved the idea of the shirts being vintage (picture John B at Goodwill), she had to buy new pieces so that they had multiples of each costume for filming purposes. For instance, Holmes estimates that they had about 25 copies of John B’s bandana.

Speaking of his bandana, it’s the perfect accessory to seamlessly finish off any OBX-inspired outfit. It became a staple of his costume, whether it was tied around his neck or his wrist (or, um, somebody else's wrist). Holmes said the accessory has been extremely popular among fans — and the cast, for that matter.

“I think three of the bandanas went missing. I believe they belong to Miss Maddie Cline [Sarah Cameron], Mr. Chase Stokes [John B], and the lovely Lilah Pate [daughter of creator and director Jonas Pate]. Sorry, Netflix!” says Holmes with a laugh.

Although Netflix hasn’t renewed Outer Banks for a second season yet, creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke have more adventures up their sleeves for the beloved Pogues. And Holmes says she has been thinking about costumes for season two since the day they wrapped filming.

“We will definitely stay true to the looks and the characters that we created that are now so loved, but I would be crazy to not deliver something fresh,” says Holmes. “What I can say is we hit such a chord, and I think we nailed a timeless look.”

How to Dress Like a Pogue

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This Duvin shirt can actually be seen on John B and has received a lot of attention since the show's release. Holmes says she found it in a surf shop in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. "Something inside me said, 'Don't leave that here,'" says Holmes. "That certainly has been the breakout shirt of the show."

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