There’s never been a better excuse to start fall shopping early.
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Credit: Instagram/AmazonFashion

The Orolay coat’s climb to fame was an unlikely one. Out of thin air, an unassuming down jacket sold by an unknown brand and shipped through Amazon became the one piece of outerwear people couldn’t stop talking about — not a Moncler marshmallow coat or an Off White parka, but this one affordable down jacket from Amazon.

But rise it did. For two winters straight, women (and men) everywhere were losing it over the Orolay coat, making it Amazon’s best-seller in its category, with over 7,000 near-perfect reviews to its name. Outspoken shoppers are quick to let you know that this stylish, zip-up puffer is more than just a pretty face — it’s also a workhorse of a layer during the colder months.

If you haven’t already got an Orolay hanging in your closet (or perhaps in storage with the rest of your winter gear), now is the perfect time to add one to your cart. Today, thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can snatch up one of these viral coats for up to 40 percent off.

Don’t expect to get a deal this good outside of Prime Day, especially as the cooler months inch closer. If ever there was a good excuse for shopping ahead of season, this is it. FYI, you'll need to select a color and size for the coupon box to populate.

Shop the Orolay Down Jacket for up to 40 percent off before Prime Day ends and it jumps back up to full price.

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