Oprah Discovered the Next Big 'It' Ugg Item, and It's Not What You're Expecting

Just in time for Ugg season. 

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Oprah Loves This Ugg Teddy Coat
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Fun fact: Ugg boots were one of the first things Oprah gave out on her first Favorite Things show. And now, an unexpected winter staple by the iconic brand is on her Favorite Things list of 2021.

Oprah says that Ugg's Gertrude coat is "as close as you can get to wearing your robe out in the real world." If you're worried the coat is too fluffy (said no one ever, honestly), Oprah says to have no fear: "The double-breasted design gives it some structure." The coat comes in two colors, a darker maroon-type pink and a simple winter white. Both of them are perfect, just different enough from your standard brown-beige teddy bear coat. Also, the coat is under $250, which is a steal for a piece this essential and timeless.

UGG Women's Gertrude Long Teddy Coat

Shop now: $248; amazon.com

A really good teddy bear coat can cost well into the thousands, depending on the material. Yet come December, fashion editors, influencers, and celebrities are wearing teddy bear coats, making us pine for them too. So Oprah is doing us all a favor by pointing out that her favorite one is fairly affordable (in the grand scheme of things).

Also, it's about to be Ugg season. And if you were looking for ways to style the next big "It" Uggs, which were recently spotted on Gigi Hadid, look no further. The Gertrude will look amazing with Tazzes and Tasmans, and just about every other type of clog as well. You'd actually be hard-pressed to find something that doesn't look good with the coat, which we should have expected from Oprah. She knows what she's talking about.

Oprah's Favorite Things list is basically like an end-of-year bible on what we should be adding to our own lists for the holidays. Sure, everything she recommends is intended to be a gift. But it's only the first week of November, and we're going to feel no shame in adding this Ugg coat to our carts as a gift to ourselves.

Shop the Ugg Gertrude coat on Amazon before it sells out, and take a look at the rest of Oprah's favorite things while you're at it.

Ugg Gertrude Coat

Oprah Ugg Coat

Shop now: $248; amazon.com

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