An Easy Look for a Low-Key New Year's Eve

OOTD Low Key NYE - Lead
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Shop the look: 1. Frame denim, $375; 2. Baublebar earrings, $36; 3. River Island coat, $140; 4. Topshop heels, $100; 5. Zara, $50; 6. Catbird rings, $20 each;

If you plan on ringing in the new year on a low-key note, we feel you. Why torture ourselves with the usual New Year’s Eve traditions? I mean, confetti blasts, jam-packed spaces, deafening noises, and staying up past midnight? No, thank you. So for those who are celebrating with a small get-together or just simply chillin’ at home, here’s a no-fuss look for your no-fuss night.

A good rule of thumb for NYE dressing is just wear something sparkly. Dress up a pair of velvet trousers (aka the closest thing to sweats that aren’t sweats) with a glitter sweater and some glimmering jewelry, then boom. You’re New Year’s Eve ready. I guess you’ll need some shoes, too, so how about these satin and crystal-encrusted mules that’ll make you look like you actually tried when all you really did was simply slide them on? How’s that for low-key.

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