10 Fashion Items You Thought Were Out, But Are Suddenly In Again

Something to consider while cleaning out your closet.

Old Trends That Are Back 2020, flip flops
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While we don’t mind wearing sweatpants (or three-day-old pajamas) day after day, part of us misses putting on actual clothes. We’ve daydreamed about the outfits we’ll wear once brunches, date nights, and trips to the office resume, and planned out our wardrobe ahead of the summer, ditching the stuff we’re no longer into.

However, closet cleanouts can get pretty tricky — especially considering how many trends manage to resurface after a few years. For example, we once cringed at the thought of wearing flip flops, but now, the questionable shoe choice is back, along with polos shirts and ankle socks. What if you had thrown yours out?! It's all very confusing.

With that being said, it might be time to revisit the fashion rules we thought we'd never break again, and reconsider which items are worth holding onto — at least for the time being. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 10 trends we once thought were out, but now are in again for 2020.

Flip Flops

Old Trends That Are Back 2020, flip flops
Christian Vierig/Getty Images

We've already mentioned it, but flip flops have returned. And, they're no longer seen as a super-casual shoe, either. Today's top options come in leather or include a small heel, but if you have basic black pair, go ahead and wear them with structured trousers or a voluminous maxi dress.


Old Trends That Are Back 2020, belts, belting a shirt
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Aside from western options, it's once again cool to cinch your button-up, fastening a belt around your mid-section. We've also spotted the return of layered chain belts, which will give jeans and leather pants and little bit of flair.


Old Trends That Are Back, khaki pants
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It was only a matter of time before beige pants made their way back into the rotation, and the good news is, khakis are just as versatile as your average jeans. Pair them with light sweaters and collared shirts on cooler days, then, once things heat up, go with T-shirts, tanks, and bralettes.

Polo Shirts

Old Trends That Are Back 2020, polo shirts
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Ok, yes — this season's hottest styles do feel a tad preppy, and the "dad shirt" is no exception. Whether you own a striped rugby version, something long-sleeved and sweater-like, or a classic one from Lacoste, try layering your polo under dresses and knits, or style it with your go-to shorts.

Ankle Socks

Old Trends That Are Back 2020, ankle socks
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Your drawer is likely full of no-show options, but if you come across a longer pair of socks, it's time to show them off. They'll add a retro, feminine vibe to full skirts and loafers, and it's fun to have them peek out from underneath a cropped pair of pants.

Boot-Cut Jeans

Old Trends That Are Back, boot-cut jeans
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We enjoy our skinnies, mom jeans, and even the occassional flares, but boot-cuts have always felt tricky — especially when it comes to shoe choice. The key is to not overthink it; this pants style looks great with simple booties or sneakers (bonus points if they have a slight platform). You can even style them with the aforementioned flip flops, nailing two throwback trends at once.

Ballet Flats

Old Trends That Are Back 2020, ballet flats
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Classic, round-toe flats — like the type you'd see at Chanel or bought in 2010 — are pretty much the best of both worlds. While they're as comfortable as sneakers, they're as elevated as heels (well not literally), and will complement almost any dress, skirt, or slim-leg pant.

Cargo Pants

Old Trends That Are Back 2020, cargo pants
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It's true, these pants come across as sporty and laid-back first. But, while they look great with chunky sneakers and a puffer coat, they're able to be dressed up with heels and a button-down, or sexy cardigan and slides.

Baguette Bags

Old Trends That Are Back 2020, baguette bags
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

The micro mini trend has helped old school, rectangular shoulder bags make a comeback. If you have a logo-printed option from Coach or Louis Vuitton, or a nylon Prada baguette sitting somewhere in your closet, now is the perfect time to break it out.


Old Trends That Are Back 2020, argyle print
Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images

Bella Hadid has worn this print numerous times over the past few months, and it was spotted on street style stars throughout Fashion Week. It's time to dust off any and all things argyle, before this trend truly explodes this fall.

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