October: Get Shiny, Healthy Hair

Nicky Hilton, Hair
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October: Get Shiny, Healthy Hair

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Avoid Dead Ends

Jessica Biel, Hair
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Frederic Fekkai stylist Adir Abergel, who works with Jessica Biel (at left), Camilla Belle and Jennifer Garner, says frequent trips to the salon is one of the first steps to healthy hair. "Getting regular trims and cutting off any dead ends will keep hair looking fresh," he says. Six to eight weeks is the recommended time between visits. However, you may need to trim more often if you create additional stress on the hair by frequent swimming or coloring.

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Quick Shine

Angelina Jolie, Hair
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If you're in a hurry but your hair needs help, stylist David Babaii-who has worked with Angelina Jolie (at left), Scarlett Johansson and Kate Hudson-says to massage a little hair polish through the hair. He recommends using his WildAid brand, saying that "the clean scent along with its shine properties will have your hair smelling freshly washed and looking extremely shiny." Flyaways can also contribute to an unkempt look. "To smooth the hair, put some of my Volcanic Ash Sculpting Clay onto an unwanted toothbrush then brush away those strays."

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Protect with Products

Protect with Products
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You can try and avoid drying, flat-ironing and curling your hair, but for most people, using hair tools is inevitable. Therefore, stylist Rita Hazan, who colors Jennifer Lopez's hair, says: "It's important to use products that protect your hair from the heat." Also, if you dye your hair, Hazan recommends using shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for color-treated tresses.

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Weekly Buildup Removal

Anne Hathaway, Hair
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Stylist Ted Gibson, who works on the manes of Anne Hathaway (at left), Angelina Jolie and Claire Danes, says: "Use a clarifying shampoo once-a-week to remove buildup from the hair." This is especially important if you use an excess of styling products or exercise and sweat a lot.

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Keep Heat to a Minimum

Naomi Campbell, Hair
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You want to avoid over-drying your hair, says Manhattan-based stylist Michael Murphy, who has worked with supermodels Naomi Campbell (at left) and Elle Macpherson. This also forces variety-instead of blowing your hair dry, let it air-dry and wear it up or put it in foam rollers for a new wavy look. If you do blow-dry, "always use a nozzle on the end of your dryer," says Murphy. "It keeps hair from frizzing and prevents it from getting too close to the hair and burning it."

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Try a Cold Blast

Katie Holmes, Hair
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"Get shiny hair by shampooing with lukewarm water and finishing with a cool rinse," says Michael Murphy, who has trimmed and styled Katie Holmes's tresses. "This will seal the cuticle and give a more reflective quality to the hair." When the cuticle is closed-which happens when it's cold and it opens when it's warm and humid-the hair lays flat and therefore has more surface area to reflect shine and give the appearance of lustrous locks.

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Work with Waves

Kate Beckinsale, Hair
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Curly or wavy hair sometimes looks duller because light doesn't reflect off it as well. "Use a leave-in conditioner that will not only hydrate hair but create shine and not weigh down curls," says Adir Abergel, who works on the lush manes of Kate Beckinsale (at left), Anne Hathaway and Nicole Richie. He recommends Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.

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Try Treatments

Michelle Williams, Hair
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"Doing conditioning treatments one to two times per week will keep hair healthy and give you nice shine," says Rita Hazan, whose clients include Michelle Williams. Depending on how damaged your hair is, you may need to use a treatment mask twice a week (as opposed to just once).

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Shine Serums

Jessica Simpson, Hair
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Rita Hazan, who also works on Jessica Simpson's blonde mane, recommends serums for an instant boost of shine. "If you need a quick fix, there are spray and liquid shine serums that have the same effect-it's just about personal preference," says Hazan. Forgot to replace that empty bottle of product? Olive oil will work in a pinch. Put a little in the palms of your hands and ever-so-lightly glide the hands over the hair, careful not to press into the scalp.

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Mind Your SPF

Joy Bryant, Hair
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Our skin isn't the only thing that can be damaged by the sun. When hair, especially color-treated tresses, undergoes environmental stress, it tends to get dry and brittle. Ted Gibson, who works with Joy Bryant, recommends his hairsheets for damage control. "They contain a UV absorber that helps to block hair from lightening from the sun and other environmental influences."

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Choose the Right Tools

Sienna Miller, Hair
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"Use a round boar-bristle brush when blow-drying to smooth the hair," says Sienna Miller's stylist, Adir Abergel. "By flattening the cuticle using a round brush, it allows for more light to reflect which creates more shine." Brushing hair also helps distribute scalp oils, which can aid in making dry ends look a little healthier.

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Go Easy on the Shampoo

Nicky Hilton, Hair
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Star stylist John Barrett, who works with Nicky Hilton, says that one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair is over-shampooing. "If you're addicted to shampooing everyday, try rinsing instead with just a little conditioner every other day," says Barrett, whose N.Y.C. salon resides in Bergdorf Goodman. "After a little while, you will find your hair healthier and easier to style." He also maintains that eating healthily is important for glossy hair and suggests incorporating fish oil and vitamin E supplements into your daily diet.

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