Nordstrom Fall Coats Under $200

Nordstrom's Secret Fall Shopping Section Has Thousands of Coats Under $200

Jennifer Aniston’s favorite puffer is also included.
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I am not the type of person to quickly embrace the change of seasons, especially not these days when every single hour bleeds into the next and suddenly October is almost over. On top of the fact that time barely exists anymore, I no longer work in an office and, instead, my work setup is on my Brooklyn balcony. My boyfriend keeps suggesting I should move my workspace inside or at least put on a coat, and yet I still have not unpacked any of my cold winter wardrobe. Why? Because I keep saying, "It's just not time." 

Well. It is definitely time. I just realized Halloween is in a couple of days, the end of the world could possibly come next week, and the year that no one really asked for is basically over. So maybe I need a coat not only because, well, it is finally getting cold out, but also because I might as well bundle up and buckle down for whatever plot twist comes next. Thankfully, Nordstrom is going to help me with that.

Nordstrom has released a couple of special shopping sections specially curated for fall and winter. One of them has 3,000 fall boots under $100 and the other has over 11,000 coats and jackets for under $200. This includes puffers, parkas, faux fur coats, and wool-blend jackets. Essentially, there isn't a single kind of coat that isn't included, and yes, Jennifer Aniston's go-to The North Face coat is available too. 

The greatest thing about this secret shopping section is that it compiles every coat that you could possibly need into one area. Typically, a good fall or winter coat costs hundreds but Nordstrom's special shopping section makes it easy to add a couple to your cart for the same price as one. This is especially helpful if you're someone like me who still doesn't quite know the difference between a puffer and a parka. Sure, maybe it's about time I learned that, but Nordstrom is basically asking me to buy one of each and not worry about it. And yes, I will absolutely be wearing them to work on my balcony until the absolute last minute.

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