Valentino, Mansur Gavriel, and Miu Miu are all discounted.

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Nordstrom's secret designer sale section
Credit: Claudio Lavenia/Getty Images

Sometimes I wish I’d never heard of Nordstrom. For a long time, I hadn’t. I grew up in New York City and our flagship store didn’t open until late 2019. Realistically, I could have gone many years without shopping at Nordstrom had it not been for one of its infamous surprise sales. Those always get you. 

Years ago, I found a Sandy Liang jacket I had been dreaming about endlessly for months marked down by nearly 80 percent on Nordstrom. When it arrived in the mail, I nearly cried. If you’ve ever seen me in that jacket, chances are I told you the exact date and time I ordered it and how I still can’t believe the price all these years later. Thankfully these days I get to scream about those sale finds to all my closest friends and to thousands of internet strangers (hey!) as I shift through the hundreds of Nordstrom sale deals both professionally and for sport.

I’m happy to report that Nordstrom is back at it again with a surprise sale that’s not only incredible for the pieces it has marked up to 60 percent off (including so many of Jennifer Aniston’s go-to brands) but also for all of the designer gems you wouldn’t expect. Nordstrom quietly marked down pieces from brands like Valentino, Ganni, and Mansur Gavriel. They did it so quietly, the designer sale section is only something I came across while Googling. It’s practically a secret. 

From Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoes to designer bag prices that’ll make you do a serious double take, this sale has got it all. If you haven’t already become a surprise sale enthusiast like me, be prepared to convert and never look back. It’s for the best though, I promise. 

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