Nordstrom Is Offering the Absolute Lowest Prices on the Internet for These 10,000 Items

They’re price matching everything.
By Tara Gonzalez
Oct 09, 2020 @ 6:05 pm
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Nothing makes me feel quite as impulsive as a good online sale. There’s always so many exclamation points; everything is on the brink of selling out; and I somehow always seem to want an item that has the words “low in stock” next to it. I throw things into my cart digitally (and physically back when that was a thing) with no semblance of my budget in mind. It’s what my mother calls reckless but what I call saving money. Neither of us is entirely in the wrong.

Nordstrom has a way of particularly sending me off the deep end because its sales are always so major with items that go out of stock instantly. But I never spend the time doing the research that I should to confirm I’m getting the best price, and I speak with experience when I say there is no worse feeling than thinking you’re saving money and realizing too late that you could have saved more. Thankfully Nordstrom took all of these worries into its own hands with its latest price-matching sale.

For a limited time only, Nordstrom is matching the prices on over 10,000 items to confirm you have the lowest possible price on the internet. This includes deals on Jennifer Aniston’s go-to Rag & Bone jeans and even Prada accessories. I’d continue to wax poetic about how good these prices are, but nearly everything is low in stock; there are exclamation points everywhere; and I can almost guarantee nothing will be in stock for long. So trust me and shop the best deals below quickly — I speak from experience. 

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