Out of 6,000+ Deals in Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, These Are the 22 a Fashion Writer Is Shopping

Save up to 70% on designer fashion from Isabel Marant, Manolo Blahnik, and more. 

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
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Everyone who knows me knows I am incapable of walking into a store without buying something (no, seriously). Even when there was a store that only sold pencils in the Lower East Side, I found a way to leave with not one, but two bags (pencils, as it turns out, make great gifts). Naturally when Nordstrom's famous Anniversary Sale rolls around, I spend hours scouring through the thousands of deals to narrow down the very best that I will inevitably, without fail, buy.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially kicked off today, July 15, which means I lost sleep last night scrolling through everything from an adorable tiny $5 porcelain cup (the most affordable thing on sale) to a $465,645 Bony Levy diamond ring — the most expensive thing on sale, and likely the most expensive thing I've ever seen "on sale." Aside from wondering who will be the person to buy that ring (there's only one left, so act fast!), I went ahead and found the 24 very best deals, from a By Far Leather Top Handle Bag I want to wear everywhere to a pair of Manolo Blahniks I think everyone needs to wear to a postponed wedding this year.

By Far Micro Crush Leather Top Handle Bag

I've never met a scrunchie I didn't break — a result of having thick, heavy hair — and I go through a 100-pack of hair ties faster than anyone on this earth. When I saw the By Far micro crush bag I had to laugh, because while it is a bag, it looks like a scrunchie that is probably the correct size for my hair.

Aside from possibly being an unexpected (but great) hair adornment, the leather bag looks buttery soft, which, in my opinion, is the sign of a great bag. And while I hate being caught with a hair tie on my wrist, I wouldn't mind being seen with this scrunchie-like bag wrapped around my arm.

Nordstrom fashion editor picks

Shop now: $238 (Originally $595); nordstrom.com

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Isabel Marant Jaso Wooden Slide Sandal

My sister and I got a pedicure at the same time just over a week ago, and somehow, my toenails are the only ones with already-chipped paint. This happens to me often, so she insists I must be doing something wrong (pointing out imperfections is every little sister's secret talent) — and I'm starting to wonder if it's because impractical footwear is my kryptonite.

Find me a pair of shoes that will cause me to bleed and blister, and my heart will sing. Not because I'm a masochist, but because I have a penchant for platforms, square toes, and statement heels (ideally made to look like flowers). That being said, I'm trying to introduce more practical flat footwear into my wardrobe, and I can't imagine a better place to start than with these studded $177 (!!!) Isabel Marant sandals that are on sale for a whopping 70 percent off retail price.

Nordstrom fashion editor picks

Shop now: $177 (Originally $590); nordstrom.com

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Manolo Blahnik Mairena Sandal

I'll be the first to admit: I don't know much about weddings. It's a shame because I feel like I've been invited to hundreds of them since the beginning of the year; many of my friends and family members got engaged right before what felt like the apocalypse in March 2020, which means a lot of them are now getting married in the apocalypse known as 2022. I currently do not have enough heels for this — the apocalypse or the weddings.

Thankfully, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale gives me the perfect excuse to convince myself I can (and absolutely should) splurge on a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Nordstrom has many shoes from the designer marked down for hundreds less, like these Mairena sandals, which further feeds into my delusion that fate (and every bride out there) wants me to get a pair.

Nordstrom fashion editor picks

Shop now: $537 (Originally $895); nordstrom.com

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Louisa Ballou Heatwave Mesh Cover-Up Dress

The thing about getting a dog no one tells you is that when it's 90 degrees in the middle of July in New York City, you have to leave the confines of your AC three times a day (against your will) to take them on a walk (against their will). But I've decided that if I have to walk outside in the scorching sun and sweat while pouring a bottle of water on my panting pug, I want to at least look good while doing it. This aptly named Louisa Ballou Heatwave mesh cover-up dress feels like the perfect dog walking (and watering) uniform for the occasion.

Nordstrom fashion editor picks

Shop now: $273 (Originally $455); nordstrom.com

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