This couple is always stylishy in sync.

By Samantha Sutton
Updated Oct 04, 2019 @ 5:30 pm
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As far as iconic couples go, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are definitely high up on our list. Since the moment they first posed together — at the 2017 Met Gala, before they were technically even a couple — they just seemed so in sync. And in the years following, the two have proved that really is the case, even stepping out in coordinating outfits.

Sometimes Jonas and Chopra's matchy-matchy style isn't immediately obvious; they'll stick with a theme, such old Hollywood, rather than wear pieces that are super similar. However, the two have also been known to rock the same or similar color schemes, choosing to wear earth tones or all-white, thus causing us to wonder, "Wait a minute...did they plan this?"

While we're not sure if Jonas and Chopra indeed lay out their outfits together, or whether it's just a crazy coincidence because they're that alike, we still find joy in their coordinated couple style. Hopefully they'll keep it coming!

When They Balanced Things Out With Some White

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Jonas and Chopra proved to be on the same page when they completed their looks with something stand-out and white.

When They Found the Perfect Pairing

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While different shades, Chopra's dark green dress is still in the same color family as the blue from Jonas's shirt and jacket graphic.

When an Outing Called For Logo Mania

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For the US Open, the couple went with an athletic vibe, and chose pieces that revealed which brands they were wearing.

When They Buttoned Up With Classic Colors

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The two channeled old Hollywood glamour in these black, white, and silver ensembles.

When Priyanka's Hat Matched Nick's Suit

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Easy, breezy, and lighter in color, Jonas and Chopra's outfits were fit for a boat ride at Cannes Film Festival.

When They Both Chose White Shoes

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It is a no-fail summer footwear option, after all.

When They Decided to Go Dark on the Red Carpet...

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The two looked very elegant in a black ball gown and navy suit.

And When They Went Light

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Chopra and Jonas made a point to stand out against the red carpet with their all-white looks.

When Their Outfits Were the Epitome of Summer Style

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Gingham? Khaki? This husband-and-wife duo likely know these are timeless summer styles.

When They Kind of Colorblocked

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Jonas's blue printed jacket really popped next to Chopra's jewel-toned dress.

When It Was All About Those Prints

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Not only did they mix things up with stripes and plaid, they both went the monochromatic route, too.

When Nick Highlighted Shades in Priyanka's Dress

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We're big fans of how much Jonas's olive suit complemented Chopra's golden skirt.

When They Were Feeling Neutrals

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Light shades were a wise choice against the bright yellow Bumble backdrop.